Monday, September 29, 2014

J.Crew's Brooklyn Debut {looks amazeballs!}

"Thanks!" to Chetna who shared the following (along with the two images above) with us:
J. Crew's Brooklyn debut is official! The doors of the 6,000 sq. ft. Williamsburg location opened to the public today at 11am, with women's, men's and kids offerings for Brooklynites at 234 Wythe Avenue.

The first-ever Brooklyn store is teeming with special features and showcases the local artists (Naomi Reis, AMMA Studios, Johannes Giradoni and more) J.Crew collaborated with to create innovative designs for the space.

To help celebrate the arrival, J.Crew will be welcoming the Williamsburg community all weekend long with food carts and special neighborhood offerings, including a limited edition Greg LaMarche for J.Crew tote bag.
The following is an article from Refinery 29 (click here to read in its entirety) about the store opening (all photos from here on come from there as well):

Get An Exclusive Sneak Peek At J.Crew's First Brooklyn Store
By Erin Cunningham
September 26, 2014

J.Crew's first Brooklyn store isn't your typical preppy paradise. No, it was designed with the Williamsburg customer in mind, which means we won't be seeing hipsters swapping their wide-rimmed glasses for crew necks. We might find, however, men and women alike incorporating more traditional pieces into their wardrobes in surprising and delightful ways, à la Jenna Lyons.

Lyons, a former Brooklyn resident, was extremely hands-on with the store's design process, putting an emphasis on collaborations with local artists like Johannes Girardoni and Naomi Reis for the post's interior. And, while some of the 'hood's residents may not be too happy with yet another retail-chain invasion, Lyons and her team attempted to deliver the store with as much mom-and-pop aesthetic as possible; the building has maintained its original façade, and the artisanal work adds a community aspect to the mass retailer.

"So much is going on there," Lyons explained in an interview earlier this month. "Every time I read about something new these days, it’s happening in Williamsburg. Half the office lives in Williamsburg, and it felt like an easy, natural place for us to be." ...
This newest store looks amazing!!! From the outside facade to the indoor decor, I could shop there all day. With 6000 square feet of just J.Crew merchandise, it does indeed sound like a preppy paradise.

I really love looking through all the photos. Not only do they showcase a lot of eye candy, I like seeing how the clothes are styled on the mannequins.

What are your thoughts on J.Crew's latest store opening? Do you think the new location is a good fit for J.Crew? Have you stopped in already? Are you planning to? If so, please share! :)


  1. The entire store looks different. From the outside, I like the J.Crew logo painted outside the building. From the inside, the store has an organic feel...must be the printed plant photos on the wall, the potted plants and the props. The only way I can tell its a J.Crew store is because of the merchandise, but other than that...someone who is not a J.Crew aficionada wouldn't know.
    I've never been to Brooklyn so I wouldn't know how it is like there. That's good they matched the store to fit in Brooklyn.

  2. From the photos, the store's got a modern but earthy decor inside which looks inviting, but I still can't wrap my head around the over the top gentrification of Willamsburg. It feels like a big outdoor shopping mall these days, so I'm not surprised that J Crew moved into the neighborhood.

    1. Never having been to Brooklyn, I was still going to remark ...J Crew's presence = gentrification complete. Turns out I might be close to the mark after all.

      The store looks great. Reminds me a little of Anthro.

    2. I agree about the Anthro vibe. I thinks it's pretty cool. I have lots of family in Brooklyn and am there often, so can't wait to visit!


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