Thursday, September 18, 2014

J.Crew September Catalog 2008-2014 {without commentary}

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  1. I absolutely loved the 2011 catalog and the setting in St. Petersburg. The last few years I think J.Crew has really gotten away from the beautiful locations and outfit combinations that I used to love about their Style Guides. I think that cover of the September Style Guide this year just about sums it up.

  2. From a design point of view, they went downhill FAST!

    And I want the complete outfit from 2009.

  3. a picture really is worth a thousand words. No wonder I haven't purchased more than pj's and khaki shorts this year.

  4. For all the people who wonder why we long-time shoppers are so disappointed about what J. Crew used to be and could be again, here it is...

  5. Arghhhh. You're killing me, Alexis. I hate to be a hater, but yeah. I am so NOT loving J. Crew this fall. From the focus on fine gold (what the heck?), the drab colors, the sack like shapes. I'm so over it!! Do I hold out hope for holiday? Or do I

  6. Almost had tears in my eyes looking at these older covers. I do purchase from J Crew but not nearly as much as prior years. I miss the styling, unique print pencil skirts, amazing colors and the list goes on. I agree with dmmermaid, this is why we are vocal on our disappointment in recent roll outs.

  7. I went to the store two days ago and it just looks so blah, even with the new stuff. I visit the store quite frequently and usually don't leave empty handed but I did that day and really don't have any desire to go back for a while. Maybe when stuff goes on sale???

  8. Double sigh. I saved a ton of catalogs and sometimes pull them out and look through them remembering the good old days. How I wish I would've purchased more instead of thinking "there will always be more." Not like that there isn't!!

  9. OT
    Variations on the shiny puffervest in navy and maroon......
    On my blog here.

  10. I was in the J. Crew store last week and blah is the word. There is nothing there to catch the eye -- very monochromatic and not in a good way.

  11. After sadly returning the red Regent jacket due to quality and fit issues, I pulled out some of the JC jackets I've acquired over the years and arranged them in chronological order. Fit and fashion may change, but quality doesn't. Erm, it shouldn't. But it's pretty much a straight, declining line . . . Even the 2011 Hacking Jacket is far superior to the 2014 Regent, and there is no comparison with classics such as the 2007 Lexington and Bella and the 2008 Andrea, Astrid, or Maggie.

    Where is this year's Bella? No, I'm not asking for a repeat of the design . . . but where is the flattering, well-made jacket of the year in beautiful colors, the proverbial classic with a twist?

    P.S. You must add the Paris cover to this collection . . . picture/thousand words and all that.

  12. I hate to contribute to the echo chamber but sigh. I still find things I like at J. Crew but quality is just not there anymore, especially for the ever-increasing prices. I know a lot of retailers have cut costs by increasing their use of polyester (or as J. Crew calls it on their website "poly"), viscose, and rayon but J. Crew is the only one whose prices have increased by an enormous amount. I went into a J. Crew the other day, enticed by the 25% off and didn't even try anything on. The few things I liked just seemed so cheap. Double sigh.

  13. I used to eagerly await the fall and even holiday catalogs for my cool weather style inspiration. I opened this fall catalog and talk about a yaaaawn fest. No fun fall feel or fun layering ideas.
    I think this whole Jenna Lyons tomboy thing is boring and tired. How about fewer black rimmed glasses, slouchy trousers and oversize tees and more elegant and classic (and colorful!) fall inspiration?

    All of that said -- when I go in store, I still find cute things,. It's like the catalog and stores are completely disconnected.


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