Wednesday, November 6, 2013

J.Crew Opening another Store in UK This Week

J.Crew has been a busy-bee with their international expansions. The most recent news: J.Crew is opening a flagship store in London this Friday. The following is from FashionMag (click here to read in its entirety) that shares J.Crew's international vision:
J.Crew opens first of three London stores
By Olivier Guyot
October 16, 2013

In 2008, J.Crew withdrew from Japan after inheriting a licensing deal that did not correspond to the brand's strategy. The company closed its 70 stores in the country and refocused its energy on its domestic market of the U.S. In 2012, with almost 300 U.S stores and one in Canada, CEO Mickey Drexler announced a new expansion strategy for J.Crew.

Faced with the arrival and development of brand such as Uniqlo, H&M and Zara in the United States, J.Crew set out about implementing its international expansion plan. The first step consisted of launching an international e-commerce site, a project which went almost a year ago.

Today, J.Crew takes another step towards its international expansion plan. After having announced plans to open in the UK and Hong Kong, the brand has opened the doors to its first store in the British capital of London.

Located at 38 Lamb’s Conduit, J.Crew has opened a store exclusively dedicated to its menswear collection prior to the opening of a two further stores next month. J.Crew will open a womenswear store at 175 Draycott Avenue and its highly-anticipated flagship store on Regents Street, taking the place of the former Burberry boutique. The flagship is set to open on November 8.

The British launch of J. Crew is a first step towards a European expansion. Last year, Drexler said the company was eyeing up three locations in Paris. With prices on some products bumped up almost 40% from those in the U.S, the question remains whether or not J. Crew will manage to find a foothole in the European market.
I did not realize how many stores J.Crew will have in London! That is great news for our British aficionadas. Although, I am even more excited to learn that Paris might be getting their very own J.Crew stores!!!

On a different note, I do appreciate that the article pointed out the price discrepancies between US and outside-US prices. With items marked up as much as 40%, will consumers find the value in J.Crew's product? Frankly, I don't know. I mean, I love J.Crew. That is a given. However, I already find prices are too high for certain pieces. I can't imagine paying another 40% on top of that.

What are your thoughts on J.Crew's international expansion news? Will you be visiting the newest locations in London? Please share! :)


  1. Hi Alexis, thanks for posting this. I'm from London, but now live in Sydney - wish I was at home this week for the opening!
    I'm pleased that they're opening stores, and am not at all surprised by the markups. They already do this on the non US websites. That's one of the reasons why I rely on this site to keep me up to date on sales. The extra 40% we pay is slightly less awful when there's a sale... In fact, if the discount is good enough, the sale prices almost match normal US prices!
    It infuriates me, but what can we do? If I want to do a big order I will buy from the US site and use a parcel forwarding service! but it's a real pain.....
    Anyway, US people are lucky to have such low prices compared to the rest of us!

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  3. Totally agree, Ruth.
    It's interesting to see that the prices of retailers like Banana Republic and Gap on their non US sites (or at least on their European sites) are comparable to their US prices. I keep hoping J Crew will follow suit;-)

  4. What I would also like as a non US customer is more promo's! The last one was in September....If I look at the US site it's one promo after the other.

  5. Used to live in the UK for several years. I bought JCrew and had it shipped to US relatives while being an expat. I would not consider UK JCrew esp. at the higher prices. WHY? BECAUSE so many cool UK brand clothing so less. That was 1/2 the fun of living over there was buying clothing that was unique AND well made. I own some beautiful HIGH quality clothing that is classic and will out live most if not all my JCrew pieces.

  6. Congrats JCrew on opening the store in London! I wish you all the best and good luck with your future plans on opening more stores throughout the world!
    Your loyal customer.....


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