Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Weekly Share: Other JCrew-like Retailers

This is the weekly "Other JCrew-like Retailers" post (similar to the "Off On A Tangent" posts), where we can share our finds from other retailers that have offerings similar to J.Crew (like Anthropologie, LE Canvas, Gap, BR, Talbots, Ann Taylor, and the like.)

If you have recently encountered items that are similar to J.Crew, maybe you might be willing to share that information with us in this post.

Please feel free to share your story on almost any topic— including experiences with certain merchandise pieces, promotions/ offers, in-store visits, transactions with store associates, etc.


  1. Gap has 40% off sale styles and 35% off regular price with code GAPWOW. I just bought a bunch of stuff, including these linen pants and these luminous orange khakis. Because everyone should have orange pants... I am hoping they are luminous in a good way, not luminous like a highlighter. Each netted $10.79. This style runs large so size down one or prepare to wear a belt. They look good slouchy so either way, regular or one size down, works.

    I also bought several pairs of the "striped modal girl shorts" because they are the most comfortable underwear ever. Also threw in some old navy activewear - get 25% off with code WEDNESDAY. Their compression leggings are the best ones I've ever tried, and the blue are only $12.97 before the code. But they are more than worth full price. They are thick, opaque, stay up, and go all the way to the ankle. I am a 6 at J.Crew and a medium is perfect. Tall ladies do not need a tall, unless you are over 6', then perhaps you would. I stay away from Old Navy anymore, except for the activewear. Most of it is superb and the price makes it even better!

    1. Thanks for the tip on the Old Navy compression leggings! I just grabbed a pair of the blue in a size medium.

      I hope they work well! Gap prices ending in .97 are always final sale, but I'm not sure about these as they weren't marked as such. Looking forward to trying them!

    2. Amanda Lee, glad that I could help! In my experience, they don't have final sale at Old Navy, at least not online. I have never had a problem just sending items back using their free returns service. I really hope you like the leggings!

  2. I've shared numerous J.Crew-like items in this post on my blog. :)

  3. I try and publish a Boden Weekly Review Roundup once a week, if I can, and was all set to complete another one today. I am going to delay it a day, though, since my preorder packages came in today. :)

    When I am able to publish the roundup, I will photograph the items so you can get a look, even though I typically prefer to wear the items so you can see it on a person...time constraints mean I can't do that this time, though.

    First thoughts on the items that came from me? Typical Boden quality, especially in the shoes. The sweaters are lovely, soft, and fit true to size. The tights fit just like they did last year and will be nice and cozy on the coldest days.

    Favorite Item? By just a fraction, I think the Heeled Brogue in Loganberry. In my larger size (41) they fit exactly right, narrow and long for my narrow, long feet. (That said, they are lace up, so wider feet should feel comfortable in them, too.)

    Unfortunately I have to send back my Heeled Loafers since the size 40 (what I usually wear in their loafer styles) is too short for my foot. The width is pretty narrow, too. I hope to get the size 41 quickly, since they seem like the kind of shoes I will wear all the time!

    Mini Boden items are adorable, especially my daughter's Button Pinafore Dress.

    I will let you all know when I get the post written by replying directly below this comment.

  4. Like Dina my Boden fall orders are also trickling in. I have a big package scheduled for tomorrow but I did receive the Lois Skirt. I am not impressed. I reviewed it here:

  5. Does anyone have or own any bags from madewell? If yes can u comment on their quality? And does anyone know if they get marked down? TIA.

  6. i'm kind of in love with the new arrivals at club monaco. waiting for a sale, though, of course...

  7. GAPSILVER gets you 40% off if you have a silver card, including a gorgeous brand new navy leather jacket (usually leather is off limits). I purchased said leather jacket and am excited for something in navy!

  8. Kate Spade - 25JULY still going for addtl 25% off sale items. A couple reviews with pics.

  9. Banana Republic - 35% off today, Mon 8/5 only with these one-time use codes:


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