Monday, July 22, 2013

The Great (Weekly) Exchange {looking to sell}

This post (of weekly posts) is for individual members who want to swap/sell/share among yourselves. This post is where you can mention your items and outside listing/ auction site (like eBay and eCrater & the corresponding user ID).

Please note: this posting is not for resellers, retailers or businesses. If you are a reseller, retailer, or a business, your comment gets automatically deleted & you will get publicly called out on it. :( So instead of this, simply do not post in the Weekly Exchanges. Thanks in advance for your cooperation! :)

Please note that any transactions are independent of this blog. (Especially since you will be using an outside listing/ auction site like eBay or eCrater.) I have no dealings or interactions with any of the potential communication, listings, or transactions. :) Moreover, please limit comments about items to swap/sell/share to the "Great (Weekly) Exchange" posts. (Refer to "A Quick Note to J.Crew Aficionadas" post.)

Do you have any items you would like to swap/sell/share among yourselves through your outside listing/auction site?

Sidenote: What's up with JCAs writing "sub" or "subscribing" as their comment? It just means they are subscribing to all the comments (which are then automatically sent to their email) in that particular thread. This way they can stay aware of all the comments posted. :)


  1. More vintage 1990s J. Crew catalogs on eBay—a wonderful fashion flashback for J. Crew fans. :)

    Vacation 1997 J. Crew catalog, featuring Patrick Dempsey from Grey’s Anatomy, and Rebecca Romijn modeling swimsuits:

    Christmas 1991 J. Crew catalog, with rollnecks, rugbys, and all kinds of J. Crew holiday goodness:

    Fall 1993 J. Crew catalog, featuring Lauren Hutton, and Rebecca Romijn modeling pajamas:

  2. NEW Havana clutch, cerise red -- $50 shipped

    NWT Wide calf hair belt, XS, leopard/brown, 50864 -- $35 shipped

    EUC Trastevere paisley silk dress (91716), 0 -- $50 shipped

    brooklinian at gmail

    1. EUC Sophia silk chiffon wedding gown, ivory, 2 petite only very slight alterations -- $200 OBO, willing to make a deal

  3. I have two beautiful summer dresses that just don't fit quite right anymore. They have been well cared for (both worn once and dry cleaned once). I'm cleaning out my closet and trying to make room for new purchases!

    The first is the Collection Heirloom Shift Dress: Size 0 in Alabaster. You can see it here. This dress originally retailed for $495 (although the sale price of $150 is still listed on this polyvore). I paid $150 for it and am selling it for $55.00 USD shipping included.

    The second is a dress that I can't seem to find the name of, but it's from the Spring 2011 collection, item number 37619 You can see a picture of it here. It is a size 0 as well. I am selling this one for $55.00 USD shipping included.

    I'm hoping that I added the links in properly, however I am more than happy to send pics. If interested, please contact me at


  4. NWT schoolboy herringbone blazer size 12 T, neon pink, $60 shipped--love it, but wrong size for me

    EUC Ruffle Up Cami in dark navy polka dot size 10, silk, $38 shipped

    Silk EUC Calista Cami in white ash (ivory) size 10, $22 shipped

    Factory corduory pencil skirt from last year, size 10, bluegrass, NWT, $28 shipped

    Trastevere miniskirt, sz 12, VGUC, $15 shipped

    watercolor pastiche perfect shirt, sz 12, EUC, $25 shipped


  5. PayPal only; US shipping included in prices. Please let me know if you have any questions!

    Contact me at susan (dot) vandenbergh (at) gmail (dot) com


    EUC 48895 Darlington satchel / black / $150

    EUC 32609 Braided chain-and-pearl bracelet / antique gold / $40
    EUC 42067 Crystal Venus flytrap bracelet / spiced nutmeg / $30
    EUC 31543 Stoneset bracelet / green tea / $30
    NWOT 32898 Flat stud double-wrap bracelet / black / $20
    NWOT (Don't know the item #/name) Grommet double-wrap bracelet / orange / $20
    NWOT (Don't know the item #/name) Studded triple-wrap bracelet / grey / $20

    NWB 26321 Kerrington leather ballet flats / 10 medium / chocolate / $100
    NWB 28711 Flannery ballet flats / 9.5 medium / hthr carbon / $70
    EUC 37224 Lucca suede sandals / 9.5 medium / dusty cedar / $60

    NWT 31935 Sunnie pencil skirt (wool) / 10 / gold multi / $70
    NWT 28387 Corduroy pencil skirt / 10 / golden wood / $40
    NWT 28387 Corduroy pencil skirt / 10 / rich brown / $40
    NWT 39548 Heirloom lace pencil skirt / 12 / faded black / $70

    NWT 29648 Merino cielo ruffle cardigan / large / sweet almond / $50
    NWT 29648 Merino cielo ruffle cardigan / large / hthr caramel / $50
    NWT 27843 Cotton-wool ruffled placket cardigan / large / orchid shadow / $40
    NWT 27843 Cotton-wool ruffled placket cardigan / large / navy / $40

    NWT 37871 Silk Blythe blouse / 12 / olive moss / $50
    NWT 37871 Silk Blythe blouse / 12 / dark slate / $50
    NWT 35235 Tartan tuxedo shirt (cotton) / 12 / authentic red / $50
    NWT 12072 Stripe three-quarter sleeve stretch shirt / large / rose / $30
    NWT 11454 Solid three-quarter sleeve stretch shirt / large / bright hydrangea / $30
    NWT 29865 Three-quarter sleeve stretch perfect shirt / large / bold peri / $30
    NWT 29865 Three-quarter sleeve stretch perfect shirt / large / warm burgundy / $30
    NWT 29865 Three-quarter sleeve stretch perfect shirt / large / dragonfly blue / $30


    NWOT 38635 Coliseum chain necklace / brass ox / $35
    NWT 39261 Wayward jean shirt in desert willow wash / XL / desert willow / $60


    NWT WBRU3087 "A feather in your cap" idiom bangle bracelet / multi / $50
    NWT WBRU3085 "A shining light" idiom bangle bracelet / aqua / $50
    NWT WBRU1300 "A penny for your thoughts" idiom bangle bracelet / cream / $45
    NWT WBRU1957 "Draw the line" idiom bangle bracelet / black / $25


    NWB 79446 Boushi sandal (3" heel) / EU size 40 / grey / $275
    NWB 80148 Ramsita oxford (2" heel) / EU size 40 / navy / $275


    NWB D32895 Air Talia mid-heel pump / 9.5 B / black leather / $150
    NWB D32899 Air Talia mid-heel pump / 9.5 B / ironstone grey suede / $150

  6. Hello,

    I have the Saint James 3/4 sleeve tee in kelly green and navy stripes. It is in excellent condition, worn only a couple of times and laundered according to care instructions. Asking $45 shipped. Please E-mail me if interested at


    1. Several of you have inquired about the size of this tee. It is an XS- so sorry I neglected to mention that. Thanks!

  7. NWT Lulu Frost for J.Crew crystal kite earrings (04528) $25

    EUC (like new) colorblock flare mini (01302) in ivory, $30

    EUC (like new) silk stripe tunic dress (66912) size 4 $25

    NWT (no box) Ann Taylor perfect leather pumps, size 5 $50

    Prices include shipping and pp. Please feel free to make an offer!

  8. You can search for items using style # or contact me and I can send photos of the items.
    Prices include shipping to US. Paypal only, please.

    NWOT Stretch Perfect Shirt, Purple, Size 4, Style 29866, $30
    NWOT Perfect Shirt Medium Gingham, Purple, Size 4, Style 48821, $30
    EUC Perfect Shirt Plaid, Size 4, Style 36376, $25
    EUC Jenna's Cardigan Nightfall Floral, Small, Style 56059, $25
    EUC Blythe Blouse Silk Pebble Dot, Size 4, Style 58757, $35
    EUC Boy Shirt Carrick Tartan, Viridian Green, Size 4, Style 57759, $40
    EUC Perfect Shirt Suckered Tartan, Size 4, Style 57706, $40
    EUC Boardwalk Stripe Zipper Tee, Size Small, Style 57707, $20
    NWOT Perfect Shirt Mini Gingham, Pink/Fuschia, Size 4, Style 67123, $30
    EUC Perfect Shirt Mini Gingham, brown, Size 4, Style 48821, $25
    EUC Perfect Shirt in Leopard, Size 4, Style 48474, $25
    EUC Rose Vines Blazer, Size 4, Style 25959, $30
    EUC Rope Necklace Tunic Tee, Small, Style 74195, $30
    EUC Perfect Shirt Cotton/Silk Casbah Paisley, Size 4, Style 42075, $30
    EUC Boy Shirt in Folly Beach Plaid, Size 4, Style 71613, $30
    EUC Floatijng Rose Silk Scarf Tank, Size 2 Style 50317, $35
    EUC Perfect Shirt Gingham, Modern Red, Size 4, Style 84885, $30

    NWT Cafe Capri Caribbean Tweed, Green, Size 4, Style 79159 $45
    NWT Cafe Capri Caribbean Tweed, Orange, Size 4, Style 79169 $45
    NWT Cafe Capri Navy Gingham, Size 4, Style 38607, $35
    NWT Cafe Capri, Yellow/Sun, Size 4, 57064, $40
    NWT Cafe Capri, Turquoise/Aqua, Size 4, Style 57064, $40

    NWT 5" Classic Twill Chino Shorts, Pebble, Size 4, Style 20859, $25
    NWT 5" Classic Twill Chino Shorts, White, Size 4, Style 20859, $25
    NWT 5" Classic Twill Chino Shorts, Antique Olive, Size 4, Style 20859, $25

    EUC Jardin Skirt, Poppy, Size 6, Style 48698, $30
    EUC Horizon Stripe Pencil Skirt, Size 6, Style 37966, $40
    EUC Aurora Tweed Pencil Skirt, Size 4, Style 38137, $40
    EUC Watercolor Floral Pencil Skirt, Size 4, Style 18464, $40
    EUC Factory Canterbury Bells Pencil Skirt, Size 4, Style 37532, $30
    EUC Watercolor Garden Pencil Skirt, Size 4, Style 2294, $40
    NWT Gardenshade Floral Pencil Skirt, Size 4, Style 64008, $50
    NWT Medallion Paisley Pencil Skirt, Purple, Size 4, Style 72585, $50
    NWT Raj Paisley Pencil Skirt, Size 4, Style 78860, $50
    NWT Fanfare Pencil Skirt, Size 4, Style 68921, $50
    NWT Neon Tweed Pencil Skirt, Pink, Size 4, Style 79134, $50
    NWT Fleurette Pencil Skirt, Size 6, Style 37966, $45
    NWT Factory Casbah Paisley Pencil Skirt, Size 4, Style 37532, $35
    NWT Ink Blossom Pencil Skirt, Size 4, Style 26578, $45
    NWT Wildcat Ombre Pencil Skirt, Size 4, Style 26360, $45
    NWT Impressionist Floral Pencil Skirt, Size 4, Style 26579, $45
    NWT Neapoliton Pencil Skirt, Size 4, Style 22982, $45
    NWOT Factory Orange Paisley Cotton Pencil Skirt, Size 4, $35
    NWT Double Serge No 2 Pencil Skirt, Royal Violet, Size 4, $45
    NWT Double Serge No 2 Pencil Skirt, Marrakech Purple, Size 4, $45
    NWT Double Serge No 2 Pencil Skirt, Neon Pink, Size 4, $45
    NWT Double Serge No 2 Pencil Skirt, Light Rose, Size 4, $45
    NWT Double Serge No 2 Pencil Skirt, Succulent Green, Size 4, $45
    NWT Double Serge Pencil Skirt, Mauve Morning, Size 4, $45

  9. US shipping included. PayPal only. No factory items!
    Picture on request. Multiple item discounts!
    All items clean and in new condition -only worn once or twice!

    Wool angora color-block scarf - still $44 in sale section
    item 23256 color guava stone $15

    Sydney patent sandals
    Item 64193 color poppy size 7.5 worn once for an hour $40

    Collection silk Ikat dress
    Originally $178 color blue/ivory
    item 61968 size 00 worn once $35

    Zip sweater 100% cotton and very well made
    Pullover crew neck with Zip vents on bottom sides
    Item 39094 size xs color white $17

    Toothpick cords
    Item 28522 size 27 color black $22

    Fair isle sweater- purchased xl for an oversized boyfriend fit
    Item 47293 size xl color is a light brownish tan $22

    Classic wash bootcut jeans
    item 51751 color classic rinse size 26 $20 euc

    Classic piqué polo-2
    Item 13946 size small colors navy and black both shirts for $12 euc

    Summer light terry hoodie -2 like new
    Item 69630 sp12 size small colors grey or light blue $20 each

    Quilted double breasted jacket
    Item 34250 size xs color dark navy nwot $30

    Waxed utility jacket
    Item 29329 size xs color mossy brown $35

    Twisted pearl hammock necklace
    Item 22599 nwot $50

    Collegiate cardigan
    Item 19244 size xs color navy $30

    Banana Republic beaded small clutch with chain handle/ brown tones $12
    Banana Republic metallic box clutch with chain handle /silver grey $12 Both for $20

    Anthropologie short sleeve sweater cardigan
    Thick multi color cropped length size xs purchased last year and
    Worn a couple hours only. Can send photo $22

    1. Merino boyfriend sweatshirt
      item 48366 sp12 size XS color navy $25

      Metallic Swing Sweater
      item 75370 sp12 size XS color Buttercream Sparkle $30

    2. Mint vintage camp flannel scarf
      Item number not known print is same as mint vintage boy shirt from two years ago $12
      Picture on request

      Madewell knit scarf
      Black and ivory stripes purchased last year $20
      Picture on request

      Black and ivory t-shirt fabric scarf j crew
      Picture on request $15

      Marled Henley popover
      Item 54570 ho11 size S $40

      Anthropologie snap cardigan
      Size s ho11 color pine $25
      Picture on request

    3. Rhinestone and buff colored ribbon necklace j crew $30
      Picture on request

  10. Several J Crew items listed under seller Wadewaddell on eBay at:


    EUC J Crew Dotted Victoria Ruffle Cami
    Ivory with black flowery dots. Retail version
    Size 2

    EUC J Crew Evening Primrose Cami
    Size 2

    EUC J Crew Tuxedo Front Gingham (Purple and White) Short Sleeve
    Size 4

    EUC J Crew Tuxedo Front Cami in Cheetah (Ivory w/ Apricot)
    Size 2

    NWOT J Crew Fireball Bracelet (Retail)

  11. Prices include shipping.

    Camille Dress (neon violet, size 2) – EUC (worn once for a few hours) $65

    Linen Cotton pants in brilliant cobalt, size 2 - NWT $55

    Cotton Faille Pull-on Shorts (sweet pea green), size 2 - NWT $35

    Dorrie Skirt in chambray, size 2 – NWT $38 (retail version)

    Dorrie Skirt in chambray, size 0 – EUC $18 (retail version)

    Factory Linen-Cotton Mini in Stripe (blue & white), size 0 - NWOT $39

    Vintage Cotton Seahorse Tee, size Small – NWT $35

    Factory Stripe Cotton-Linen Racerback Tank (gray & white, XS) – NWT $22

    Factory Draped Pocket Tee (brilliant blue, XS) – NWOT $28

    Factory cardigan (purple & white print from 2012), size XS – EUC (worn once) $25

    Mila Ballet Flats in Lapis Blue (polka dot), size 9 – NWOB $80

  12. Hello! Prices below include U.S. shipping.


    NWOT Ikat Tank
    Size: XS
    Color: Blue

    NWT Leslie Lace Shell (44667)
    Size: 2 Tall
    Color: Black

    NWT J.Crew Delaney Cotton Shirt (38507)
    Size: 2
    Color(s): Black, White
    $25 each, $45 for both

    NWT Bettina Cami (28505)
    Size: 4
    Color: Navy

    NWT Pilar Paisley Cami (28503)
    Size 4
    Color: Vintage Rose

    NWOT Polka-Dot Airy Knotted Blouse (96100)
    ~line through label, size marked- otherwise perfect~
    Size: 4
    Deep Atlantic

    NWT Silk and Sequin Scoopneck Tee (28508)
    Size: Small
    Color: Olive Moss

    NWT Impressionist Floral Cami (26996)
    Size: 6
    Color: Golden Beach

    NWT Bayberry Flouncette Blouse ( 28783)
    Size 6


    NWT No. 2 Pencil Skirt In Double-Serge Cotton (59369)
    Size: 0
    Colors: Marrakech Purple, Golden Burgundy
    $50 each, or both for $90

    NWT No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Seersucker (77760, from 2012)
    Size: 0

    NWT No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Circle Eyelet (86260)
    Size: 2
    Color: Fresh Kiwi

    EUC Denim Pencil Skirt (29179)
    Size: 2
    Dark Wash

    NWT Oak Tweed Pencil Skirt
    Size: 6
    Color: Natural

    NWT Madewell Silk Neonsun Shirtdress
    Size: 4

    *EUC Tall Bootcut Jean In Faded Blues (39360)
    *washed 1x- never worn*
    Size: 27 Tall

    EUS Tall Trouser Jeans in Classic Rinse
    Size 4

    EUC Leggy Denim in Black (31073)
    Size: 28
    Color: Black


    NWT Tall Schoolboy Blazer in Herringbone (37852)
    Size: 4 Tall
    Color: Aged Driftwood

    NWT Madewell Charade Blazer (71625)
    Size: 4
    Color: True Black

    NWT Madewell Tailored Blazer in Crossweave (87294)
    Size 4

    NIB Classic Leather Ballet Flats (21412)
    Size 10
    Weather Wood
    D-Cup Polka-dot Underwire Tank (36354)
    Size: 4
    Color: Neon Peach

    I also have J.Crew items on eBay, XS to M here. Includes:

    NWT Tailored Linen Maybelle Jacket-Orange Sorbet- Sz 4
    EUC Canvas military skirt- Spruce- Size 4
    NWT Drapey Supper Shorts- Size 6
    NWT Surplus Pant- Green-Sz 6
    NWT Space-dyed V-neck Tee- Soft Desert- S
    NWOT J.Crew Tuxedo Henley Tee- Gray- S
    NWOT Space-dyed Scoop Neck Tee- M
    NWOT Sequin-line Tank- Ivory- S
    NWOT Crosstown Tee- Peach – XS
    EUC Vintage Canvas Bow Tank- Gray - M
    NWOT J.Crew Tissue layered ruffle tee- S
    NWOT Skimmer Pant- Violet Dust- Sz 6
    EUC Cotton Double-Serge Pencil Skirt-Gray- Sz 6P
    NWT Solid Bikini Brief- Violet- M
    NWT Solid Convertible Glamour Top- Charcoal- Sz 10
    NWT Swing Top Bikini Set- Brown-Sizes 34D, Medium
    NWT Skinny Wedge Flip-Flops- Metallic Gray- Sz 11
    NWT Stripe-brim straw fedora- Medium/Large

    Please let me know if you have any questions. I combine shipping (JCA listings and/or Ebay). My email: eliza4jca (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks!

  13. Selling the mini skirt in dizzy anchors on eBay. Bidding starts at 34.99. See it here:

  14. Tillary Tote
    Madewell Leopard Noir Pumps in 6.5
    Tibi Jacket

    On eBayhere.

    1. Are you open to offers? I am interested in your Tillary Tote. Thanks!

  15. I have a copley saddle bag in toffee that I have worn maybe twice or three times tops. Beautiful bag but doesn't work with my lifestyle. $200 or I am willing to take offers. All prices include shipping. Contact me at

  16. Hi JCA's! I'm in the middle of a serious closet purge and have the following NWT, sold out online items. Prices include US shipping. PayPal, please. I'm willing to ship to Canada - just let me know, it may be a few extra dollars for shipping.

    Summerweight Linen Sweater (01093), Flax XS - $30
    Cotton Faille Pull-on Short (01850), Ivory 6 - $25
    Long-sleeve pocket tee (01875), Seaside Coral, S - $25
    Factory Clare Cardigan in Stripe (65041), Navy, S - $20
    Polka Dot Invitation Clutch (17520), Black Ivory - $50
    Denim Pencil Skirt (29179), classic rinse, 2 - $20 (This one's from Fall '10)
    Madalene dress in wool gabardine (68300), Festival Green, 4 - $100 (I love this but I need to chop several inches off the bottom to make it work, and just can't find the time to bring it to a seamstress)

    silver.lining.jca at gmail

  17. two perfect condition, NWT/NIB items - final sale mistakes...

    Ava Glitter Heels Gold 9.5 NIB Never Worn

    Mika Dress Caspian Blue 6P Brand New with tags! (Too short for me!)

  18. Shipping is included.

    Link here for pictures:

    j crew liberty stripe peter pan collar sweater 51372 medium $35
    j crew zipper cardi 23423 medium nwt $30
    j crew liberty front cardi 25695 medium $30
    j crew outlet stripe crewneck 58526 medium $25
    j crew camel stripe tippi 32914 medium $25
    j crew cherry blossom top 91806 size Tall 8 $25
    j crew cotton lawn ruffle top 17208 size 4 $15
    j crew clover cotton silk stripe popover 50352 size 4 $30
    j crew pink stripe cotton silk popover 50352 size 4 $30
    j crew silk flower cami 18679 size 4 nwt $20
    j crew fuchsia silk cami 99696 size 6 nwt $12
    j crew gray pattern frances top 17630 size 6 $15
    j crew silk flower cami nude 18679 size 4 $20
    j crew belle gray skirt 97636 size 2 $12
    j crew belle skirt blue 97636 size 2 $12
    j crew cream victoria top 99742 size 10 $15
    j crew charcoal kelsey top 19064 size 4 $15
    j crew charcoal palmera top 23311 size 8 $18
    j crew croc jacket 12154 size 2 $25
    j crew tankini and bottoms (color Bright Eucalyptus) 10282 top 21554 medium top small bottom nwt $15 for set
    j crew tankini and skirt (color is medium green) 10284 top 10271 both size medium $20 for set

    madewell anchor & dots crewneck sweater 39616 small $30

    anthropologie plaid top lil's closet small $12
    anthropologie snowscape cami 17336140 6 nwt $30

    atl leopard skirt 4 $15
    atl eyelet emerald pencil skirt 13483586 4 nwt $30
    atl ruffle neck cami xxsmall nwt $20
    atl cream & gray colorblock boatneck medium nwt $25
    atl purple pencil skirt 11941781 2 nwt $25
    ann taylor silk ls buttonup 70110 small $25

    milly pencil skirt capri print in turquoise size 2 nwt $50
    h&m bunny print peter pan collar top 6 nwt $15
    paige emily cloud jeans 1757300-1155 28 nwt $60
    lulu's vegan ruffle tulle skirt medium nwt $30
    gap teacup buttonup xsmall nwt $20


    j crew bow necklace $45
    anthropologie peter pan collar $30
    Banana Republic statement necklace $40
    Urban Outfitters turquoise bead 3 strand $25
    J crew k/o bubble necklace $10
    J crew crystal three strand $35

    1. I am interested in the Gap teacup shirt if it is still available. What is the best way to reach you? Thanks!

  19. J.Crew Boy Shirt in Strawberry Mint Plaid, Size 2
    EUC-only worn 3 times! Asking $48 shipped

    Vince Camuto Hadley Ankle Boot, Black Leather, Size 8.5, EUC. Worn a couple times. Looks very similar to the Rag and Bone Newbury Boot. Asking $50 shipped with any interest. Thank you!

    1. J.Crew Boy Shirt price dropped to $38 shipped! Paypal only. Thanks!

  20. Wool Harbor Peacoat with Thinsulate, Antique Stone, US6, #17849. $99. Incredibly warm.

    Stadium Cloth Boulevard Trench in Smoky Coral, US6, #19648, $150. Stunning coat in an arresting winter shade - not too bright, but it really stands out.

    100% Cashmere Cowl-Neck Sweater in Burgundy, EUC, M. $95. Please note that the colour is different from the image - its a gorgeous burgundy that is a lovely palette for spring or fall. It drapes beautifully.

    100% Anchors Aweigh Pant in Navy, US6, #77772, $70. Lovely silky summer trousers that fall well.

    Pineapple-Print Caterina Top, Green, US6, $30, U$25 if shipped with one of the other items.

    Tiered Shift Dress in Raindrop Lace, US8, $120, #68679, originally retailed at $190, now sold out. In pristine condition. Worn once. I still have the tags though

    Ikat Silk Streamers Cami, US2, $35, $30 if shipped with one if the other items. 100% silk.

    All bought from J.Crew stores, not outlet or factory. Prices include shipping to anywhere in the world.


  21. J Crew:
    -EUC No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Burgandy from last year, Sz 6, $40

    -EUC Confetti Tweed Mini Skirt, Sz 8, $25

    -NWoT Awning Stripe Skirt, Sz 8, $50

    -EUC MacAlister Wedge Boots, Dark Cognac, Sz 7, $80 (worn twice inside the house only)

    -EUC Allie Dress in Aqua Floral, Sz 8, $45

    -NIB Etta Bead-Stitch Pumps, Sz 7, New in Box, $135

    -NWT Silk Fresco Dress (Sp 2009), Sz 8, $45

    NWT Banana Republic Sequin Pencil Skirt, Sz 6, $45

    EUC Anthropologie Girls From Savoy Lemon Lift-off Blouse, Sz 8, $35

    Contact me at

    All prices include shipping to US.

  22. Good morning! To purchase please email me with "JCA" and the item you're interested in, in the subject heading and provide your paypal email address. An invoice will be sent right away. Please be sure to pay promptly. All items are available unless otherwise noted. Please do NOT email me asking if an item is still available, if it is still listed, it is still available. Committed buyers only please! All prices are firm.

    Thanks for looking! trestippy (at)

    Cotton gauze Indie dress in black size 0 $35 shipped
    Rosevines blazer w/ matching tee (0 & XS) $37 shipped
    Surf tweed charter skirt size 0 $36 shipped
    J. Crew Collection Tweed & Khaki Moto Jacket size 0 $90 shipped
    Jacquard Leopard Flats size 7.5 $25 shipped

    Holden stacked heel boot (Fall 2006) size 7.5 (Brown) $65 shipped

    Chambray Songbird dress size 2 $92 shipped
    Set of 2 scarves (red storyteller scarf, red/blue pompon scarf) $45 shipped
    Madewell Parklane Dress size 0 $87 shipped
    Madewell Sungarden Floral Maxi dress size 4 $127 shipped
    Madewell (new without box) Postscript Peep Toe Wedges in bright blue, size 8 $55 shipped
    Madewell Crushed Glitter Sandals size 7 $40 shipped
    Madewell Stirrup leggings Heather Grey size S $10 shipped
    Juicy Couture 5 piece terry lot (4 dresses & hoodie) size S $165 shipped

    NWT Anthropologie swimsuit (black w/ deep v and gorgeous beading) size XS $67 shipped

    New without tags Marc by Marc Jacobs Trifold Leather Wallet/Crossbody purse in grey $160 shipped

    New in box Miss Sixty Gladiator Sandals size 37.5 $30 shipped
    Cole Haan gold dress sandals size 7.5 $30 shipped
    Anthropologie Past Reflections Pullover by Lauren Moffat (red & white stripes with a criss cross back) size S $30 shipped

    NWT DVF Handy dress in blue leopard size 0 $160 shipped

    NWT DVF Tiger Lily leopard dress size 2 $75 shipped

  23. Hi ladies, I have 3 JC dresses, sizes 12-14 on sale on eBay right now. The Diana Dress, Sunshine Peony bustier dress and Strapless Eyelet dress.

    Here's the link to my listings:

  24. J Crew:

    EUC Abstract Lattice pencil skirt in orange, size 12. Holiday 2008. $25

    VGUC Pleated Equestrian-Print skirt, size 12. Fall 2006. $25

    EUC Factory wool pencil skirt, honey/mustard, size 12. Holiday 2009. $25

    GUC vintage cotton boatneck striped tee with 3/4 sleeves, gray & white, size large. Spring 2010. $8

    GUC vintage cotton boatneck striped tee with 3/4 sleeves, honey & white, size large. Spring 2010. $8

    EUC Factory plaid taffeta pouf skirt, size 12. Fall 2008. $30

    NWT Factory Abstract Lattice print dress, size 12. Spring 2010. $30

    Non J Crew:

    EUC Gap 1969 polka dot always skinny denim, size 30/10r. $20

    EUC Ann Taylor Loft thick cotton striped tee, size large. Orange & cream, back zip, 3/4 sleeves. $10

    VGUC Ann Taylor Loft wool pencil skirt, black & white houndstooth print, size 12. Acrylic/wool blend, fully lined, back zip. $15

    EUC Escada tweed pencil skirt, size 42. Wool blend, fully lined, back zip. Brown/black/cream. $15

    Contact me at Photos available upon request. Prices include shipping to US.

  25. If anyone is interested in the Madewell Skimmers, I'm selling a few of them in a size 9:

    1. Green and white stripe
    2. Black and White Polka Dot
    3. Casablanca Blue

    All of these are Brand New in the Box. I'm asking 65.00 shipped, but I'll consider reasonable offers.

    If you're interested, email me at for pictures.

    1. I just received an email, so I should clarify--I'm asking 65.00 per pair, but we can work out a deal if you want more than one pair!

  26. All prices include shipping within US.

    * blue ombre dip-dyed skirt - NWT, sz 2, $25
    * double-stripe v-neck sweater - NWT, sz S, $25
    * island paisley pocket cardi - NWT, sz M, $30
    * merino linen studded cardigan - NWT, sz S, $35

    gigiofca @ gmail

  27. I have a black wool bella in size 0 that I would like to trade for the navy wool bella in a 2 or 4.

    Gondola stripe top size 00, 35 shipped.

    Factory chino shorts in black, navy or bright orange, size 2, $20 each shipped

    Paypal only, if shipping to Canada let me know so we can figure out shipping.

    Lots more on threadflip, search for me by typing in classicprep to the search bar.

    Alyryan9 AT gmail DOT com

  28. Selling the following:
    -NWT Vintage Corduroy Skirt from FW 2008 in Chocolate size 0P, $20 shipped

    -NWOT Vintage Corduroy Skirt from FW 2008 in Gray size 0P, $20 shipped

    -EUC Vintage Corduroy Skirt from FW 2008 in Honey Glaze size 0, $17 shipped

    -NWOT Belle Skirt in Gray size 0, $20 shipped (There are 2 very tiny marks on this skirt. It has never been used)

    -EUC Favorite Fit Corduroy Pants in Warm Sand size 0P, $15 shipped

    -NWOT Factory Broadcloth Scallop Top in Navy size 0, $15 shipped

    -NWOT Silk Tiered Cami in Lavender size 0, $20 shipped

    -NWOT Anthropologie Frontrunner Blazer size 2, $40 shipped

    -NWT Jewelmint Desire Ring Set size 7, $25 shipped

    -NWT Jewelmint Trinity Ring Set size 7, $25 shipped

    -NWOT Eddie Bauer Corduroy Blazer in Forest Green size 4P, $30 shipped

    Contact me at

  29. NWT Double Serge Hacking Jacket. Color Turquoise. Size 8. Selling on ebay for best offer. Listing under ebay ID leaderboys
    email kleader at knology dot net

  30. Last night I posted a lot of EUC J. Crew and Boden items for sale at my blog. I would say about 40% of them have already been claimed (marked by "on hold" under the photos), but there is still a lot left.

    Most of the J. Crew are button-ups and blouses/tops, but there is a pair of oxford shorts in there, too. The sizes range from xs to m, and the shorts are a size 8.

    The Boden pieces are dresses, tops, and one NWOT skirt. Those range between a US 4 to US 10, with the skirt a size US 6 Long.

    E-mail dinagideon AT aim DOT com.

  31. Blythe Blouse in Silk, Neon Rose, size 4, #37871, NWOT (inventory tag still intact), $25 (PayPal)

    Perfect Shirt in Animal Print, size 4, #10691 Fall 2012, EUC (worn twice), $15 (PayPal)

    Kate Spade Florence Leather Satchel (Hot Pink), NWOT, $115 (PayPal)

    Prices include shipping (within U.S. only). I'm also open to an exchange if you have something comparable. Email to lookingglassbeauty (at) gmail dot com. Thank you!

    1. Correction...the Blythe Blouse is NWT.

    2. Blythe Blouse is sold!

  32. All items listed are J.Crew. My email is if you are interested in any of the items listed. Prices do not reflect shipping cost. Willing to accept best offers. 

    NWT Thandie Blazer
    Item number: 29305
    Color: Marled (heather graphite)
    Size: 4

    NWT Marled henley popover
    Item number: 54570
    Color: Marled pewter
    Size: XS

    NWT Lady Lace Popover
    Item number: 38409
    Color: Navy
    Size: XS

    NWT Toothpick Jean in Garment-Dyed Twill

    Item number: 62443

    Color: Neon violet

    Size: 29


    NWT Toothpick Cord

    Color: Cabernet

    Size: 30T


    EUC Sequin Mesh Bell Skirt

    Item number: 30310

    Color: Gold (the darker of the two colors)

    Size: 2


    NWT Goldenrod Jacquard mini 

    Item number: 29561

    Color: Gold

    Size: 4


  33. Trade:
    VEUC Black Lexington blazer size 10 for same (or Iris) in a size 4, 6 or 8
    EUC Factory Gladiola pencil skirt size 2 for the same in a size 4 or 6

    NWOB Cristobal heels, blueish-purple, size 8.5 (would fit 7.5 to 8), $35
    EUC Batik Turtle Clea tank, orange, size 4, $35
    NWT Velvet Toothpicks, navy, size 28, $45
    EUC Chambray blazer, size 6, $60 or trade for size 2 or 4 (worn twice only)

    Shipping costs would be in addition to above price. Would be open to reasonable offers.

    Thanks so much!
    bobster33 [at] shaw [dot] ca

  34. J. Crew Factory Emery Flats, size 9.5, Bright Persimmon (sp?), Brand New in Box. Asking 55.00 shipped. Email: Paypal only. Thanks!

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. NWT Collection Lattice Print Sweater Dress
    Size XS
    Black and white geo print
    100% cotton
    $58 shipped

    ctorborg at gmail dot com

  37. Hi All..

    I have 3 items that I'm looking to sell...

    NWT, Long Meribel Puffer, style # 34678, size medium, dark charcoal, $165

    NWT, Silk Cord Cami, style # 27574, size 6, pale oak, $45

    NWT, Sperry Top-Sider for J.Crew Authentic Original 2-Eye Boat Shoes in Pastel, style #33406, size 7 1/2, neon rose, $65

    Photographs available upon request. Shipping within continental U.S.. Payment via Paypal.

    All items are from a smoke-free home, and all prices include shipping.

    Thank you ladies!

  38. Just received two final sale items that didn't work out for me. Selling them for exactly what I paid plus shipping/PayPal fees:

    (Both are new in packaging)
    Embroidered Rope Tunic $49 shipped
    Navy/white striped Silk Crepe pant size S $59 shipped


  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. A mishmash of skirts in a closet clearing frenzy. All items are worn once, or are NWT. I'm sorry I don't know the names of the items, I will describe as best I can:

    Price shipped, is $15 each.

    Size 0: EUC Black cotton skirt, gathered at waist, with pockets. I think this might have been called a bell skirt. Style 36116 from SP 11.

    Size 0: NWT pretty dusty mauve cotton skirt, same style as above. Also Style 36116 from SP11.

    Size 0: NWT printed pencil skirt, 65% linen, 35% cotton, Style 26578, FA 10. This is the print with dark purple or dark gray smudgy spots on a pink background.

    Size 0: EUC red paisley print mini skirt, 95% cotton 5% spandex. Style 86324 from SU 07.

    Size 00 (fits like a 0 -- I was definitely never a true 00!): EUC floral mini skirt, pink/orange/black white. 97% cotton, 3% spandex. Style 23003, SP 10.

    Size S: EUC FACTORY convertible sanur stained glass dress/skirt. 95% cotton, 5% spandex. Style 35599 from HO 10.

    Size 2: NWT FACTORY sanur stained glass elastic waisted skirt. 100% cotton. Style 33121 from HO 10.

    ize 0: EUC FACTORY orange paisley pencil skirt. 98% cotton, 2% spandex. Style 37532, SP 12.


    Paypal only please

  41. Check out my sale blog here:

    lots of NWT J Crew from previous years!

  42. one more:

    NWT Desert Floral Racer Tank in Camel Multi, size 8 (this was an unreturnable gift to my aunt) $50 or best offer (currently $138)

    Previously-posted colorblock flare mini is 00.

  43. Factory tailored boy blazer Navy $50 NWOT
    Silk awning stripe skirt sz4 $40 NWT
    Silk blythe blouse dusty rose $30 NWT

  44. I have the Linen Botanical tank--the one with the yellow bananas--style number 01874, size XS, $40 shipped. It's new with tags.

    I won't be available to ship the tank after today (Tuesday) for several days, so email me today at if you want it!

  45. I have a pair of hummingbird heels in a 7.5 I would love to trade for a bigger size, they are much too small on me.

  46. New items added to the closet sale, jewelry and other goodies! Also some price drops.

    Please email me at Thanks!

  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. Hi ladies,

    I'm moving soon and am selling a number of worn-once and new J.Crew and Madewell items:

    EUC J. Crew Silk Peplum Blouse in Vivid Poppy, Size 6P. Worn once, purchased from the J.Crew website for $98 and am selling it for $45 shipped.

    NWT Madewell Pleated Silk dress in Tearose (Palace Pink), Size 2, $89 shipped.

    NWT Madewell Silk Cami dress in Mint (not this year's Aqua but Summer 2012's more muted shade), Size 2, $80 shipped.

    NWOT Madewell Silk Cami dress in Black, Size 2, $80 shipped (got a little excited and popped off the tag when trying it on at home, but ultimately never wore it out because the size was incorrect for me).

    NWT Madewell Shimmer Mini, Size 4, $35 shipped.

    Please contact me at if you are interested in any of these items. Pictures can be provided upon request. Thanks!

  49. I have a EUC No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Double Serge Cotton in Golden Sunflower. Size 0P, but I had the hem let out professionally for added length.

    Asking: $55

    Please contact me at complexcardigans (at) gmail (dot) com.

    Also, I have a bunch of stuff from Club Monaco, Gap, Banana Republic, etc in sizes XS, S, 0, 2, 4 here:

  50. NWT, Raj Paisley Silk Cotton Blouse,XS, 2013, factory, $38 shipped. Or make me an offer

    mkuerste at yahoo dot com

  51. NWT madewell dot stitch sweater, size small, heather camel, $40 shipped
    condupuy at verizon dot net

  52. I have a twist bandeau swim top in purple thistle, size XXS to sell or trade for a XS. nancy.bartlett at Thanks!

  53. Silk Sorrento Top in Light Cobalt in XL. What a gorgeous top, but it is too big on me. I need to hope for a pop-back in a M or L since it was online only and is sold out.
    Brand new with tags and plastic, $125 shipped.
    Contact me at: oleepee at cox dot net

  54. Sorry, meant to clarify that it is J. Crew.

  55. NWT Retail J. Crew Collection Sequin Trim Tennis Dress, size 2, Ivory, #78525, $85 shipped (retail $395)

    Thank you!

  56. EUC Collection Italian Wool Minnie Pants, black, size 6, $32 shipped. Worn once, maybe twice. They are the ones from 2010, I think, with small zippers at the ankle.

    jca 837 at gmail

  57. *I've updated this list and added new items. Selling the following:

    -NWT Vintage Corduroy Skirt from FW 2008 in Chocolate size 0P, $20 shipped

    -NWOT Vintage Corduroy Skirt from FW 2008 in Gray size 0P, $20 shipped

    -EUC Vintage Corduroy Skirt from FW 2008 in Honey Glaze size 0, $17 shipped

    -NWOT Belle Skirt in Gray size 0, $20 shipped (There are 2 very tiny marks on this skirt. It has never been used)

    -EUC Favorite Fit Corduroy Pants in Warm Sand size 0P, $15 shipped

    -NWOT Factory Broadcloth Scallop Top in Navy size 0, $15 shipped

    -NWOT Silk Tiered Cami in Lavender size 0, $20 shipped

    -**For Trade but Open to Offers** NWT Lexington Jacket in Citron size 4P for any Lexington or Bella Jacket in any color other than Citron size 4P, 2, 0, 2P. The size 4P fits a lot like a size 0, maybe a really small 2. I wear size 00, XXS in tops and this jacket fits me great. I am open to offers as well, thanks!

    -VGUC Chino Lietnenant Jacket in dark gray, $17 shipped.

    -EUC (worn once!) Solstice Dress size 0, $45 shipped.

    -GUC Gray leather tote bag, style #25086. I believe this was an in-store item. The bag shows wear but still has lots of life left. $15 shipped.

    -NWT Chiffon Rossette Sash in blue rossette/gray grosgrain combo. $15 shipped.

    -NWOT Silver Glitter Clutch style #57106, $25 shipped.

    -NWOT Anthropologie Frontrunner Blazer size 2, $40 shipped

    -NWT Jewelmint Desire Ring Set size 7, $25 shipped

    -NWT Jewelmint Trinity Ring Set size 7, $25 shipped

    -NWOT Eddie Bauer Corduroy Blazer in Forest Green size 4P, $30 shipped

    -EUC Juicy Couture "Lady in Waiting" Large satchel in pink/gray combo, $45 shipped

    -EUC Rare Tokodoki For LeSportsac Large Messenger in Foresta print, $75 shipped.

    Contact me at

    item 01682 nwt $70

  59. NWT J Crew Graphic dot underwire tank / 2 / BELVEDERE RED/ item 25021/ $33 shipped
    PP, US ship condupuy at verizon dot net

  60. price reductions:

    NWT Desert Floral Racer Tank in Camel Multi, size 8 $30

    NWT (no box) Ann Taylor perfect leather pumps, size 5 $40

  61. This comment has been removed by the author.

  62. Trades (but open to buying offers)

    1. NWT Button-front dress in linen/size 12/dark hydrangea for same in size 10

    2. NWT Ratti electric kiwi board shorts/size 6/festival orange for same in size 4

    Email vivilayne at gmail

  63. Brand new jcrew cece suede ballet flats in Kelly green size 8 $80 shipped.

    NWT elephant necklace with the crystals and coral beads $45 shipped


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