Thursday, May 27, 2010

J.Crew Spotted In Vogue {let's swim!}

A big "thanks!" to Eleni, who not only let us know about J.Crew items being spotted in the latest issue of Vogue Magazine, but also scanned the image for us to view! (Click on the image to see it larger.) The article features two items from J.Crew...

The first is the ever-classic-beach-staple of the Seaside Tote (Item 24909; $45.00). The magazine shows a delicious shade of red which is currently *unavailable* online. The only shade for purchase on their website is "Natural Straw". What makes me love this bag is that "it's foldable and packable, so you can stuff it in your suitcase and it keeps its shape every time".

The second item is the Solid Scallop Underwire Tank (Item 25134; $80.00) in Black. This one-piece bathing suit boasts laser-cut scallop detailing & an under wire for additional support. It has that classic appeal to make this suit the kind that you use for years to come.

What are your thoughts on the bag & bathing-suit featured? Do you own either item? If so, please share! :)


  1. Good morning! This is off tangent, but I wanted to say that I saw the tie dye shirts on sale at the b&m previously referenced as having been shown in a magazine. They were either 49.99 or 59.99. There was a large quantity of them so I guess they didn't do well. Hmm, wonder why?

    Also my b&m has started selling Cosabella lace bikini underwear for 19.00. As Whoopi Goldberg would say, "What the hell!". I asked the SA about them, but she started explaining that Cosabella is a fancy brand of underclothes. Umm, I'm familiar with the brand. My question is why here? Are the underwear exclusive j crew colors? She didn't know. Strange. I guess if you're in a hurry to buy an outfit you can get it all at except the bra at the b&m. Maybe you can find an Essie lacquer to match the underwear, no? Lol!

  2. I don't have the suits in Vogue but I did try the Rose vines french top and the Tulle underwire top. The cups/underwire shape of the Rose vines french top runs tiny. I ordered a 34B and looked like I need a 34D. The Tulle underwire top ran big around the rib cage but the cups were sized perfect. If I loved it I would size down for a safe and secure fit. Also, the detachable straps 'detach' quite easily from the top. The closure at the back of the top and on the detachable straps are gold. Both bathing suits are very pretty.

  3. The Madewell online retail site is live just in case anyone has been anticipating it. They have some cute things too.

  4. I ordered the scalloped underwire tank a few weeks ago, and I had to return it because the cups were WAY too small. I typically wear a size 2 in J. Crew tops and a 0 in pants. I got a size 4 suit and I was falling out of it - really unattractive. The cups were nearly flat and also really small width-wise. Too bad - it looked really cute on the model.

  5. Thanks David!! They do have some cute things...

  6. OMG! (or maybe I'm too old to say that? ;-) Madewell is ONLINE!

    TeeHee, my word verification is WOUP!

  7. Thanks Eleni and Alexis for sharing the mag pages. I love J.Crew swim and own at least a dozen bikinis. I especially love the jersey lomellina suits. They fit like a second skin and the colors are very pretty. I also own a couple of JC beach bags, one madras one that I've had for years already, picked it up in S.F. at the end of summer for a ridiculous price. J.Crew's beach bags are excellent IMO.

    Madewell has some really cute Mara Hoffman bikinis online. I love bold geometric prints and will have to try these out.

  8. CMG- Cosabella is a really lovely boutique line of lingerie that is really well crafted and just beautifully detailed. I have a few sets, that I just love wearing- the styling is very sweet and sexy. I am surprised to learn that they are at a J. Crew b&m; don't know the relationship, but perhaps like Timex and other specialty brands they are forming a relationship of exclusive products for J. Crew.

    Not having seen the line that the J. Crew b&m has, I can't comment on it; though I must admit that, Cosabella has a unique sensibility that I think would appeal to most JCAs.

    As for the bathing suits, love that one as well. I have a few bikinis and have been happy to find that they have been true to fit according to the sizing chart.


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