Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Inside Madewell Fashion Maven's NYC Home

"Thanks!" to Marisa & Ashley, as well as spockcookbook (in this post), who shared the following article about Madewell's Marketing Director, Gigi Guerra, from Refinery 29 (click here to read the entire article & to view all the great photos).
A Chic Peek At Madewell Maven Gigi Guerra's Pad
By Christene Barberich & Piera Gelardi

Photos By Kava Gorna

May 19, 2010

Chances are, you're probably just as big a fan of Madewell's quirky-chic style staples as we are. Smart-fitting jeans, great I-can't-believe-it's-not-Margiela knit jackets, and way too many dangerously good pairs of shoes to count. Surprise! One of the brilliant minds behind this label we wanna live in, marketing director, Gigi Guerra, just happens to be a former editor at Lucky and one of our longtime gurus of personal style and a certain sort of off-beat chic…times a hundred. Naturally, we were super psyched when she invited us to her home on the Lower East Side, which is pretty much like one big, carnival of sartorial surprises. Vintage, designer, random ephemera from Guerra's travels all over the world…it's all here, but it's how she makes it work so effortlessly and with such a wink of fun that really enchants us. ...

Describe your personal style in three words:

"Spontaneous, affordable, mash-up."

What's your secret weapon, the thing you turn to in a pinch to bring a look together?

"In winter it's black tights. In summer, Madewell jean shorts. Year-round, it's a cluster of mismatched vintage brooches and stick-pins."

Tell us about working with Alexa Chung on her forthcoming Alexa Chung for Madewell line. How did you two collaborate and how did you decide to bring her on board?

"All of us at Madewell are huge fans of Alexa's. Her personal style is just so intuitive and individual and inspiring—she really does her own thing. I feel her brain is always exploding with ideas: When she was on vacation she faxed us some sketches of T-shirt illustrations, and those exact ones ended up going into production, literally straight from the fax."

Any exciting new Madewell products or news in the works?
The biggest news is that you'll be able to shop Madewell online early next month at I can't wait! Absolutely everything in the line will be there, and if you want to find out exactly when it's all happening, sign up for emails now at the site. The Alexa Chung for Madewell collection will be there, too, when it launches this fall. I'm going to live in it all. Also, we're launching a partnership with Shareen Vintage, an amazing (and wallet-friendly) vintage dealer out of L.A., in mid-June. The L.A. Madewell will stock the collection, which was handpicked with Shareen and our design team, as will the NYC Madewell. Most of my vintage comes from her, so I'm super excited."
On a related note, "thanks!" to Jenn who shared the following news with us: "just called J.Crew for a customer service inquiry and while on hold they noted that would be launching online shopping on June 1, 2010". Can't wait to see Madewell's new e-commerce site! (Although I have been saying that for years now!) ;)

What are your thoughts on the article? Did you like Gigi's style & take? Are you excited about Madewell's online arrival? :)


  1. The sale section is now SUMMER sale with reduced prices on numerous items, along with a fairly large update earlier this morning.

  2. oh wow, madewell online! i will be excited to see it. i don't think it's for me, but i'd still like to be able to browse.

  3. Gigi Guerra used to work for my favorite magazine, Lucky. I remember her style being sleeker and less relaxed than it appears in these photos. It's why I was a little surprised when she started working for Madewell.

    Then again, I probably only saw a few photos of her. I probably assumed her style was reflected in the boutiques she recommended. Looking back, I realize that there was surely input from the other editors and staffers of the magazine (as well as consideration for their readers' tastes).

    I am truly looking forward to the new website. One of my favorite bloggers shops at Madewell often, and now I'll be able to buy some of the items I see on her. Ordering over the phone just seems like such a hassle.

  4. I love Madewell and I think Alexa and Gigi are really cute. But I have to say this-- I do not understand the tights and jean shorts trend. Maybe it's just my personal style. I see models and celebrities wearing them together, but I couldn't pull it off.

    To the other JCAs: What do you think of tights and shorts? In the J.Crew fall preview (the Edie Beale collection), many outfits had tights and shorts. How long do you think the trend will stick around?

    That being said, I do wear tights and *skirts* in the winter! :o)

  5. linda, i wore tights with my jeans
    when i was a wee nine year old, attempting to be all grunge. i can't do it as an adult! btw, i love your blog. you are quite adorable and your outfits are inspiring.

    i will say this: i am SO MAD at madewell and the people (er, mickey) behind it. i love the store. love the clothes. it was supposed to be a lower-priced "sister" of j.crew. how then can i not afford nearly anything there? blouses retail for $80 plus. their beautiful dresses start at $138 or $148. and go on sale for...$100. not cool! and i don't need another forty dollar t-shirt, thanks.

    last week i did receive a %10 percent coupon from the SA (nyc soho store). it isn't much but i'll take it. i hope the online shop will have a good sale section.

    end rant! sorry. ;p

  6. I'm 37. I cannot fathom wearing tights with shorts, just as I would never ever wear winter-type boots (like Uggs) with shorts! I'd look and feel like a total idiot doing either. But I'm sure I'm well outside the target age demographic, so my opinion is irrelevant. :-P

  7. I don't like the tights-and-shorts trend either, and I'm a fan of J. Crew's/Madewell's wackier styling suggestions.

    I agree with Elaine. I'd just feel silly (and inappropriately dressed, weather-wise) if I gave in to this trend.

  8. Hasn't the online Madewell site been in the works forever? That's how it feels for me. I like some of their stuff and would definitely buy more online so I hope they really are going to get the site up and running soon.

    Not a fan of the Gigi Guerra looks here. That apartment looks blech, with the shoes under the sofa and the sofa itself kinda trashy. Obviously I am missing something.

  9. jorts + tights = fashion victim


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