Thursday, November 10, 2016

JCA "Help Style Me!" Weekly Post

This is the weekly "Help Style Me!" post, where we can share items we are having trouble putting outfits together with. Elaine (in this post) says it best, "You know, that thing you bought because you love it and you keep pulling it out and then putting it away without wearing it?"

Please share your J.Crew item (either that you own or are thinking about getting) that you would love help creating an outfit with.

Also, please help out by offering your styling advice. Feel free to include links to your blog (where you incorporated that piece) or to Polyvore (where you showcased an outfit with that piece). Thanks in advance! :)


  1. So quiet on JCA this week. The election has taken over the attention of everyone I suspect, and shopping isn't quite so top of mind.

    I did receive a style guide yesterday, the first one in months! I love the holiday style guides, and it was a very welcome diversion to flip through and mentally create my wish and gift lists.

  2. I am in need of styling ideas for the Jcrew collection wool skirt with metallic fringe from fall 2015 #e2951. I got this as a lucky pop back in late spring and it is fabulous but I am a little bit stumped. On the runway they showed it with a parka an an Aztec print sweater. Online it shows it with a gray long sleeve turtleneck. I am wanting to wear it to my husband's work Christmas party as it is pretty festive. I had thought about maybe looking for a sleeveless turtleneck or wool shell with cut in shoulders but haven't seen anything like this. Has anyone out there come across anything like that this season? I plan to wear some strappy grey suede pumps with heels. Gold jewelry: maybe dangly earrings and a bracelet? Thoughts????

    1. I just posted a pic of this skirt on my Instagram but I am hopeless to link. Find it at @shoppingcelle

    2. Ooh la la! What a special piece! At Target (I know, I know) the Who What Wear line had some turtlenecks with cutout shoulders that I thought were really interesting. I know they had black & burgundy - they might have had grey too. That's the only place I have seen anything like that.

    3. In some ways this skirt reminds me of the marching band pants from almost two years ago, traditional gray but with a whimsical surprise. I've had difficulty styling those myself but I feel most like "myself" in them when I let the uniqueness stand out on its own and dress almost as if it wasn't there. I'd stick with a monochromatic top in a gray but I think you could do a chunkier gray sweater, kind of like they showed chunky sweaters in fall 2016 NYFW. I also think a leopard pump would be nice, or nude, if the gray doesn't work. If you have a blazer in the same gray you could totally do that with a simple cami underneath. (I tend to dress pretty monochromatic which I suppose reflects my suggestion.)

    4. I'll check it out Target Taylor thanks. I'm thinking h&m might have something too.

    5. Suz Has thanks for all the ideas. My original thought was a matching gray sleeveless top or sweater so we are on the same page. The fringe is gold metal mesh so it need to be the star.

  3. Check out this idea for your skirt Shopping Celle
    Whole outfit is super cute!


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