Thursday, July 28, 2016

"Looking to LOVE" with J.Crew

This is the weekly "Looking to LOVE with J.Crew" post, a place to share our favorite experiences with J.Crew.

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  1. Too late to put this in the Reviews thread so I'll post these here. By now, many of you will have seen or tried some of the new items from the rollout, and many of you have also seen some of Ina's helpful reviews on her IG (Inawonderland5). Thought I'd share some thoughts on a few items that I've been eyeing, since some of these items don't have Reviews online yet.

    For reference, I'm 4'11", 36B, broad-shouldered, athletic build.

    FATIGUE SHIRT item f4739, Size 00- my store had it in the Dark Driftwood (tan) color. I'll usually take a Size 0 in Boy shirts, 00 in popovers, etc, but this one in the 00 was very (Very!) roomy - and very long on my petite self. (Petite is the way to go if you want to wear this untucked and you're on the Petite side of life.) The fit is definitely relaxed, but I prefer a more fitted look so I'll opt for smaller. I think the color might be a tad darker IRL than on-line. Fabric is lightweight and thin, a nice transition piece.

    SPAGHETTI-STRAP DRESS IN POLKA DOT item f4358 - Size 2. This particular item fit TTS for me, as this is the size I most take in JC dresses (or a 4P). Adjustable straps are helpful and the silk fabric didn't seem to have that rougher feel that other silk items have had of late. The dress fit well in the bodice, not obnoxiously fitted, with plenty of breathing room, but the length....well, the length on 4'11" me required about a good 8 inches off so as not to hit a weird spot on my leg (mid-calf). I'd like to try this in the Petite. Lovely dress.

    FAUX-LEATHER PLEATED MINI SKIRT -item c9160, Size 2, black. I forgot to bring a skirt with me to the dressing room so the SA grabbed this for me. I actually bought this item last season, but in a smaller size, per some of the reviews that it ran big. I didn't find to be the case and as a result haven't worn the smaller 0. I think i might recommend you stick to your most common JC skirt size. (I also didn't get it in Petite, as I found this mini-length in Regular perfect for me, just above the knee.) I really recommend this item and will re-buy it in a 2 if JC ever has a sale on this stuff again.

    PERFECT SHIRT IN FERN-PRINTED INDIAN COTTON item f4580, size 4. Really like the print and lightweight cotton fabric on this one. A good transition piece for fall. I usually size up 1 or 2 in Perfect shirts. Sleeves didn't feel tight and I kept them rolled up since that's how they were pre-styled and I was in a rush. (Lunch break!)

    Lastly, RUFFLE TOP IN COTTON POPLIN item f4746, Size 0, white. This is what drove me to the store, as I really like ruffles. My store had the green, white and shirting stripe versions. I love how it's designed in the back, so pretty and romantic. My husband commented that the ruffle on the sleeve looked a tad like wings, but not enough to look like I might launch at any moment. (haha, husbands!) The fabric is nice and airy, but not offensively thin. I also didn't find the white to be at all sheer, but I was wearing a nude bra. The body is not fitted, but I wouldn't say it's a boxy fit. I was able to adjust and tuck it in to a skirt.

    Really quickly -- I tried on a pair of Sammies, as well as the Tie-neck Secretary blouse. The Sammies worked as regular length pants on me and I really liked the colors. TTS. The blouse is roomy, so you might want to size down. Very pretty print, but I wasn't crazy about the feel of this silk. Also, had some issues adjusting the neck-tie right (in a rush at the time, though).

    Anyways, hope this info helps someone, or at least proved to be an interesting read! :-)

    1. Hi TM93, thank you for the great reviews! I haven't been to a store yet so they are so helpful! LOL about your husbands comment, i can see mine saying that. :) I want to try the ruffle top in white so I'm hoping I can get to a store as I'm not sure the ruffles will work for me.

    2. Hi Jan, thanks for reading! I'm glad they were a teeny bit helpful. I always enjoy reading others' reviews and perspectives, especially when I can't get to a store, so I thought I'd do the same. I hope that top works out for you, or that you find something else to love! :-)

  2. morning...Vancouver JCA's the sale section is better at West Van store than Robsen St store. but Robsen has more shoes. some really good deals marked on receipt as "kill price".. I spent $120 at west Van aand $77 at Robsen St lots of stuff.


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