Monday, August 5, 2013

The Great (Weekly) Exchange {looking to sell}

This post (of weekly posts) is for individual members who want to swap/sell/share among yourselves. This post is where you can mention your items and outside listing/ auction site (like eBay and eCrater & the corresponding user ID).

Please note: this posting is not for resellers, retailers or businesses. If you are a reseller, retailer, or a business, your comment gets automatically deleted & you will get publicly called out on it. :( So instead of this, simply do not post in the Weekly Exchanges. Thanks in advance for your cooperation! :)

Please note that any transactions are independent of this blog. (Especially since you will be using an outside listing/ auction site like eBay or eCrater.) I have no dealings or interactions with any of the potential communication, listings, or transactions. :) Moreover, please limit comments about items to swap/sell/share to the "Great (Weekly) Exchange" posts. (Refer to "A Quick Note to J.Crew Aficionadas" post.)

Do you have any items you would like to swap/sell/share among yourselves through your outside listing/auction site?

Sidenote: What's up with JCAs writing "sub" or "subscribing" as their comment? It just means they are subscribing to all the comments (which are then automatically sent to their email) in that particular thread. This way they can stay aware of all the comments posted. :)


  1. Hello! I have J.Crew items on eBay, with new additions, XS to M here. Includes:

    NWT Silk Henley Top- Sz 0- Pink
    NWT Leslie Lace Shell- Sz 2T- Black
    NWT Delaney Cotton Shirt – Sz 2 -Black, White
    NWOT Ikat Tank- XS- Blue
    NWOT Crosstown Tee- XS- Peach
    NWT Collection Carrie Crochet Sweater- XS- Navy
    NWT Linen Cable-Knit Cardigan- XS- Orange
    NWT Bettina Cami- Sz 4- Navy
    NWT Pilar Paisley Cami- Sz 4- Vintage Rose
    NWOT Polka-Dot Airy Knotted Blouse- Sz 4-Deep Atlantic
    EUC Letour Floral Perfect Shirt - Sz 4- Spice
    EUC Factory Impressionist Floral Cami- Sz 4- Golden Beach
    NWT Impressionist Floral Cami- Sz 6- Golden Beach
    NWT Bayberry Flouncette Blouse- Sz 6
    NWT Space-dyed V-neck Tee- S- Soft Desert
    NWOT Sequin-line Tank- S- Ivory
    NWOT Vintage Cotton Long-Sleeve V-neck Tee in Stripe- S- Orange
    EUC Drapey Rêve Tee- Striped- S
    NWT Silk and Sequins Scoopneck Tee - S- Olive Moss
    EUC Dulphine Shimmer Bling-button Cardigan- S- Ivory
    NWOT Merino Keyhole Popover- S- Gray
    EUC Ciel Etoile Cardigan- S- Natural (Soft Pink)
    EUC Linen Shirt- Sz S- Light Pink
    NWOT Space-dyed Scoop Neck Tee- M- Natural
    EUC Vintage Canvas Bow Tank- M - Gray

    NWT Tall Schoolboy Blazer in Herringbone- Sz 4T- Aged Driftwood
    NWT Madewell Charade Blazer-Sz 4-True Black
    NWT Madewell Tailored Blazer in Crossweave - Sz 4
    NWT Tailored Linen Maybelle Jacket- Sz 4- Orange Sorbet
    EUC Celtic Country Herringbone Jacket- Sz 6- Gray

    ~ DRESSES~
    EUC Caroline Dress- Sz 2- Olive
    NWT Silk Blythe Shirtdress- Sz 4- Navy
    NWT Allura Superfine Cotton Shift Dress- Sz 4- Navy
    NWT Allura Superfine Cotton Shift Dress- Sz 4- Soft Gray
    EUC Crisscross Dress- Sz S- Navy

    ~SKIRTS ~
    NWT No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Double-Serge Cotton- Sz 0- Marrakech Purple
    NWOT No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Double-Serge Cotton- Sz 0- Golden Burgundy
    EUC Denim Pencil Skirt – Sz 2-Classic Rinse
    NWT Liquid Silk Skirt- Sz 4- Bright Dahlia
    EUC Canvas military skirt- Sz 4- Spruce
    EUC Superfine Cotton Pencil Skirt- Size 4- Navy
    NWOT Double-Serge Stripe Wool Pencil Skirt- Sz 6- Heather Carbon

    NWT 1035 Trouser in Superfine Cotton- Sz 2- Soft Heather Gray
    EUC Tall Bootcut Jean In Faded Blues- Sz 27T
    NWT Selvedge Denim Shorts- Sz 27
    NWT Tall Skimmer Pant- Sz 4- Natural
    NWT Collection Cafe Capri in Fresco Floral- Sz 4
    NWT Collection Camille Linen Shorts- Sz 4- White
    NWT Summerweight Chino Shorts- Sz 4- Navy
    NWOT City-Fit Trouser in Superfine Cotton- Sz 4- Navy
    EUC Tall Trouser Jeans in Classic Rinse- Sz 4
    EUC Tall Chinos- Sz 4T- Yellow
    EUC Leggy Denim- Sz 28- Black
    EUC Tall Vintage Matchstick Cord- Sz 28T- Soft Gray
    NWT Superfine Cotton Cropped Trouser- Sz 6- Navy
    NWT Drapey Supper Shorts- Sz 6
    NWOT Skimmer Pant- Sz 6- Violet Dust


    NIB Camden Leather Brouges- Size 10- Light Ginger
    NIB Seville Stripe Espadrilles- Size 10- Black & White
    NIB Classic Leather Ballet Flats- Sz 10- Weathered Wood
    NIB Collection Luxe Tweed Ballet Flats- Sz 10- Chrome Green
    NWOB Cossette Mary Jane Peep Toes- Sz 10- Whisper Pink
    EUC Rainy Day Bow Ballet Flats- Sz 10- Black
    EUC Kerrington Leather Ballet Flats- Sz 10- Black
    GUC Lilly Peep Toes- Sz 10- Beechwood
    EUC Shimmerveil Leather Capri Sandals- Sz 11- Silver
    NIB Estella Grosgrain Espadrilles- Sz 11- Pebble
    NWT Skinny Wedge Flip-Flops- Metallic Gray- Sz 11

    NWT 120s Overtime Necktie Top & Interoffice Skirt- Sz 4- Navy
    NWT Swing Top Bikini Set- Brown-Szs 34D, M
    NWT Stripe-brim straw fedora- M/L
    NWT Silk Twill Square Scarf- Navy/White/Orange
    NWOT Madewell Wordplay Storyteller Scarf
    NWT Crystal Rail Link Necklace- Toffee
    NWOT Porcupine Cocktail Ring- Sz 6- Crystal/Hermite.
    NWT Chain Link Bangle- $18- Dark Pewter
    NWT & NWOT J.Crew Belts- Sz S & M- Various

    Please let me know if you have any questions- eliza4jca (at) gmail (dot) com. I combine shipping and I’m happy to consider offers. I also have lots of items from other brands listed. Thanks!

  2. EUC J.Crew Scallop Sateen Skirt, navy, Sz. 10 (63860) - $25
    EUC J.Crew Classic Leather Ballet Flats in Black, Sz. 11 - $50
    EUC J.Crew Merino Tippi Cardigan, turquoise pool, Sz. M (91212) - $30
    EUC J.Crew Colorblock Stripe Boatneck Tee, Neon Pink chalkboard, Sz. L (73911) - $25
    EUC J.Crew Painter Stripe Bateau Tee, beechwood, Sz. L (74916) - $18
    EUC J.Crew Painter Stripe Bateau Tee, abstract blue, Sz. L (74916) - $18
    EUC J.Crew Painter Bateau Tee, heather graphite, Sz. L (75330) - $16
    EUC J.Crew Back-zip Long Sleeve stripe pullover in B/W stripes, Sz. M (70115) - $18
    EUC J.Crew Rugby-Stripe Boatneck Top, white & black, Sz. M (97868) - $25
    EUC J.Crew Long Stripe Boater Tee, white & black, Sz. S (52233) - $25
    EUC Marc By Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo leather Handbag, black - $350
    EUC Gap Slim Cropped Pants, Black Herringbone, Sz. 10 - $20
    EUC Banana Republic Textured Marilyn Skirt with Back Zipper, Sz. 10 - $20
    EUC Banana Republic Engineered Striped Tee, Navy, Sz. M - $15
    EUC Ann Taylor Loft Wide Stripe Boatneck Top, vivid blue, Sz. L - $15
    EUC (looks brand new!) The North Face Pumori fleece jacket in Moonlight Ivory, Sz. M - $55
    Polyvore set:

    Please let me know if you're interested in any items or would like to see additional pictures. Prices above include shipping to US. Add $10 for US Priority shipping to Canada. Contact me at Feel free to make an offer on multiple items.

  3. I have for sale:
    Raindrop lace top, retail, navy 00, hot pink 0, asking $35 shipped each or $60 for both. In my opinion, they fit more like a 0.

    Bow neck top in bow print, 4, asking $50 shipped, worn once.

    Scout chino in lemon pulp, size 6, worn once. Asking $30 shipped

    Hummingbird glitter heels, love but too small :(, worn once, 7.5. Asking $200 shipped

    Big apple tunic dress, 00, worn twice. Asking $45 shipped

    Really need to sell ASAP so I can buy school clothes! No reasonable offer will be refused!

  4. PayPal only; US shipping included in prices. Please let me know if you have any questions!

    Contact me at susan (dot) vandenbergh (at) gmail (dot) com


    EUC 32609 Braided chain-and-pearl bracelet / antique gold / $40
    EUC 42067 Crystal Venus flytrap bracelet / spiced nutmeg / $30
    EUC 31543 Stoneset bracelet / green tea / $30
    NWOT 32898 Flat stud double-wrap leather bracelet / black / $20
    NWOT (Don't know the item #/official name) Grommet double-wrap leather bracelet / orange / $20
    NWOT (Don't know the item #/official name) Studded triple-wrap leather bracelet / grey / $20

    NWB 26321 Kerrington leather ballet flats / 10 / chocolate / $100
    NWB 28711 Flannery ballet flats / 9.5 / hthr carbon / $70
    EUC 37224 Lucca suede sandals / 9.5 / dusty cedar / $60

    NWT 31935 Sunnie pencil skirt (wool) / 10 / gold multi / $70
    NWT 28387 Corduroy pencil skirt / 10 / golden wood / $40
    NWT 28387 Corduroy pencil skirt / 10 / rich brown / $40
    NWT 39548 Heirloom lace pencil skirt / 12 / faded black / $70

    NWT 29648 Merino cielo ruffle cardigan / large / sweet almond / $50
    NWT 29648 Merino cielo ruffle cardigan / large / hthr caramel / $50
    NWT 27843 Cotton-wool ruffled placket cardigan / large / orchid shadow / $40
    NWT 27843 Cotton-wool ruffled placket cardigan / large / navy / $40

    NWT 37871 Silk Blythe blouse / 12 / olive moss / $50
    NWT 37871 Silk Blythe blouse / 12 / dark slate / $50
    NWT 35235 Tartan tuxedo shirt (cotton) / 12 / authentic red / $50
    NWT 12072 Stripe three-quarter sleeve stretch shirt / large / rose / $30
    NWT 11454 Solid three-quarter sleeve stretch shirt / large / bright hydrangea / $30
    NWT 29865 Three-quarter sleeve stretch perfect shirt / large / bold peri / $30
    NWT 29865 Three-quarter sleeve stretch perfect shirt / large / warm burgundy / $30
    NWT 29865 Three-quarter sleeve stretch perfect shirt / large / dragonfly blue / $30


    NWOT 38635 Coliseum chain necklace / brass ox / $35
    NWT 39261 Wayward jean shirt in desert willow wash / XL / desert willow / $60


    NWT WBRU3087 "A feather in your cap" idiom bangle bracelet / multi / $50
    NWT WBRU3085 "A shining light" idiom bangle bracelet / aqua / $50
    NWT WBRU1300 "A penny for your thoughts" idiom bangle bracelet / cream / $45
    NWT WBRU1957 "Draw the line" idiom bangle bracelet / black / $25


    NWB 79446 Boushi sandal (3" heel) / EU size 40 / grey / $275
    NWB 80148 Ramsita oxford (2" heel) / EU size 40 / navy / $275


    NWB D32895 Air Talia mid-heel pump / 9.5 B / black leather / $150
    NWB D32899 Air Talia mid-heel pump / 9.5 B / ironstone grey suede / $150

  5. NWT Bennett cropped chinos in snowcat, size 00. Asking $45 shipped.

  6. NWT schoolboy herringbone blazer size 12 T, neon pink, $60 shipped--love it, but wrong size for me

    EUC Ruffle Up Cami in dark navy polka dot size 10, silk, $38 shipped

    Silk EUC freshly dry-cleaned Calista Cami in white ash (ivory) size 10, $22 shipped

    Factory corduory pencil skirt from last year, size 10, bluegrass, NWT, $28 shipped

    Trastevere miniskirt, sz 12, VGUC, $15 shipped

    watercolor pastiche perfect shirt, sz 12, EUC, $25 shipped

    All prices include US shipping; e-mail me if you need shipping to Canada. Paypal only. Thanks much!


  7. I have some items listed on eBay right now- user name cassieadams
    Sz 10 linen attaché dress coral color nwt
    Sz 10 watercolor floral dress with wool skirt
    9.5 cece ballet flats tawny sand euc
    Contact me if interested I will end an auction that has no bids for a jca.


  8. US shipping included. PayPal only. No factory items!
    All items clean and excellent condition

    Sydney patent sandals
    Item 64193 color poppy size 7.5 worn once for an hour $35

    Garment-dyed ankle-zip toothpick jean
    item 78211 size 27 color spearmint $35

    Toothpick cords ankle-zip
    Item 28522 size 27 color black $20

    Summer light terry hoodie -2 both like new
    Item 69630 sp12 size small colors grey or light blue $20 each or both for $35

    Quilted double breasted jacket
    Item 34250 size xs color dark navy nwot $25

    Waxed utility jacket
    Item 29329 size xs color mossy brown $30

    Collegiate cardigan
    Item 19244 size xs color navy $30

    Merino boyfriend sweatshirt
    item 48366 sp12 size XS color navy $25

    Metallic Swing Sweater
    item 75370 sp12 size XS color Buttercream Sparkle $30

    Marled Henley popover
    Item 54570 ho11 size S $35

    Anthropologie Linea Cropped cardigan
    Item 23065899 size s color pine $25

    Anthropologie Back Roads Buttonless short sleeve sweater jacket
    Item 22501050 multi color size XS worn a couple hours $25

    Mint vintage camp flannel winter scarf
    Item number not known print is same as mint vintage boy shirt from two years ago $10
    Picture on request

    Wool angora color-block scarf
    item 23256 color guava stone $18

    Stripe Jersey Scarf
    Item number not known color black/tan $15

    Madewell long striped scarf
    Item 30537 Merino wool color black/ivory $20

    Crystal lanyard ribbon necklace
    item 31507 chiffon ribbon is a buff color $25

    Color mix statement necklace
    item 01682 nwt $65

    Twisted pearl hammock necklace
    Item 22599 nwot $45

    Ann Taylor ribbon, pearl and pave' necklace
    Picture on request black ribbon $45

    Banana Republic beaded small clutch with chain handle/ brown tones $10
    Banana Republic metallic box clutch with chain handle /silver grey $10 Both for $15

  9. Prices include shipping.


    Linen Cotton pants in brilliant cobalt, size 2 - NWT $55

    Cotton Faille Pull-on Shorts (sweet pea green), size 2 - NWT $35

    Eyelet Dot Tank (ivory, XS) - $33

    Camille Dress (neon violet, size 2) – EUC (worn once for a few hours) $60

    Factory Stripe Cotton-Linen Racerback Tank (gray & white, XS) – NWT $20


    Mila Ballet Flats in Lapis Blue (polka dot), size 9 – NWOB $80

    Flair Skirt in Double Serge Wool (navy, size 0) – NWOT $50

    Boy Shirt in Colorblock Oxford (soft lilac, size 0) – EUC (worn once) $20

    Optic Dot Boatneck Tee (champagne, XS) – EUC $13

    Merino Ruffle Moto Sweater (heather carbon, small) – EUC (worn once) $25

    Giant Bow Sweater (mist black, XS) – EUC (worn once) $35

    Factory Wool Walking Coat (flame, size 2) – NWOT $95

    Factory cardigan (purple & white print from 2012), size XS – EUC (worn once) $25

    1. Forgot to add that eyelet dot tank is NWT.

  10. New. J. Crew factory 2012 knife pleated shift dress. Item 91722. Size 00. Color is deep turquoise. Poly but feels like silk georgette. lovely drape.

    Lovingly stored in a smoke and pet free home. $60 shipped in the U.S.

    Reminiscent of the blue zara dress Duchess Kate wore after the wedding. That is what suckered

    Florapower9@gmail. Pics on request.

  11. Priced to sell!! Includes shipping to US. Paypal only, please.
    Search for items using the style # or contact me and I can send photos of the items.

    NWOT Stretch Perfect Shirt, Purple, Size 4, Style 29866, $20
    NWOT Perfect Shirt Medium Gingham, Purple, Size 4, Style 48821, $20
    EUC Perfect Shirt Plaid, Size 4, Style 36376, $15
    EUC Jenna's Cardigan Nightfall Floral, Small, Style 56059, $15
    EUC Blythe Blouse Silk Pebble Dot, Size 4, Style 58757, $25
    EUC Boy Shirt Carrick Tartan, Viridian Green, Size 4, Style 57759, $20
    EUC Perfect Shirt Suckered Tartan, Size 4, Style 57706, $20
    EUC Boardwalk Stripe Zipper Tee, Size Small, Style 57707, $15
    NWOT Perfect Shirt Mini Gingham, Pink/Fuschia, Size 4, Style 67123, $20
    EUC Perfect Shirt Mini Gingham, brown, Size 4, Style 48821, $15
    EUC Perfect Shirt in Leopard, Size 4, Style 48474, $15
    EUC Rose Vines Blazer, Size 4, Style 25959, $20
    EUC Rope Necklace Tunic Tee, Small, Style 74195, $15
    EUC Boy Shirt in Folly Beach Plaid, Size 4, Style 71613, $15
    EUC Floating Rose Silk Scarf Tank, Size 2 Style 50317, $20
    EUC Perfect Shirt Gingham, Modern Red, Size 4, Style 84885, $15

    NWT Cafe Capri Navy Gingham, Size 4, Style 38607, $20
    NWT 5" Classic Twill Chino Shorts, Pebble, Size 4, Style 20859, $20
    NWT 5" Classic Twill Chino Shorts, White, Size 4, Style 20859, $20
    NWT 5" Classic Twill Chino Shorts, Antique Olive, Size 4, Style 20859, $20

    EUC Jardin Skirt, Poppy, Size 6, Style 48698, $20
    EUC Aurora Tweed Pencil Skirt, Size 4, Style 38137, $20
    EUC Factory Canterbury Bells Pencil Skirt, Size 4, Style 37532, $20
    NWT Gardenshade Floral Pencil Skirt, Size 4, Style 64008, $30
    NWT Medallion Paisley Pencil Skirt, Purple, Size 4, Style 72585, $30
    NWT Fanfare Pencil Skirt, Size 4, Style 68921, $30
    NWT Neon Tweed Pencil Skirt, Pink, Size 4, Style 79134, $30
    NWT Fleurette Pencil Skirt, Size 6, Style 37966, $30
    NWT Impressionist Floral Pencil Skirt, Size 4, Style 26579, $30
    NWT Neapoliton Pencil Skirt, Size 4, Style 22982, $30
    NWOT Factory Orange Paisley Cotton Pencil Skirt, Size 4, $30
    NWT Cotton Double Serge No 2 Pencil Skirt, Marrakech Purple, Size 4, $30
    NWT Cotton Double Serge No 2 Pencil Skirt, Neon Pink, Size 4, $30
    NWT Cotton Double Serge No 2 Pencil Skirt, Light Rose, Size 4, $30
    NWT Cotton Double Serge No 2 Pencil Skirt, Succulent Green, Size 4, $30
    NWT Cotton Double Serge Pencil Skirt, Mauve Morning, Size 4, $30

  12. VGUC silk ribbon chain necklace, black ribbon, $32 shipped
    EUC Quinn silk cami in Florentine print, size 0, $35 shipped
    EUC vintage violet silk cami, size 0, $50 shipped
    NWOT Madewell Longroad Denim Vest in Sawduster Wash / x-small / saw duster/ $40 shipped
    NWOT Short-sleeve selvedge chambray shirt / xx-small / coastal blue/ item 43136/ $50 shipped
    NWT Madewell Zip it Up Tee, Item 34569/ XS/ heather pebble/ $25 shipped
    EUC shimmer peacock Maggie jacket, size 2, $40 shipped
    NWT Madewell Glitter Sleeve Tee / TRUE BLACK / X-SMALL/ item 69116/ $30 shipped
    NWT Tweed contessa coat / size 0 / dark pewter/ $50 shipped
    EUC silver and black Penelope flats, size 7, $30 shipped
    EUC cashmere sailboat button shell (summer 2007—navy blue with white sailboat), Small, $38 shipped
    EUC merino splash dot tee, holiday 2007, size XS, $24 shipped
    EUC canvas and leather anya clutch, black and white, $22 shipped
    GUC gold leather derby clutch, $25 shipped
    EUC ochos rios cardigan, Blue and white, XS, $24 shipped
    US ship- Paypal . Thanks!
    Condupuy at Verizon dot net

  13. Hi all,

    I have several great items listed on my eBay store! All J. Crew.

    Username is cwjseller:

    EUC navy/red stripe silk tee blouse, size 4, summer 2012. Asking $24.99 starting bid.

    NWT coral stripe cotton tank, size small, summer 2012. Asking $9.99 starting bid.

    EUC Java tunic dress, coral and white blockprint, size 0. Worn once and freshly dry cleaned. Asking $69.99 starting bid.

    NWT Factory ikat mint green 3/4 sleeve blouse, size small, asking $34.99 starting bid.

    NWT stripe silk cami in ocean blue, size 6, summer 2012. Asking $44.99 starting bid.

  14. I have a classic khaki trench from Gap 2009. I believe it's the same (or very close to) the one Blair Eadie often wears on her blog:

    Excellent used condition, no stains or rips.

    $50, including domestic shipping.

    Email me at: nspotz12 [@] yahoo [.] com

  15. NWOT Lighthouse Cardi-size M
    Su 2007 #85302

    NWOT Starfish Cardi-size M
    Su 2007 #85301

    EUC FIONA Canvas Jacket-light peach color-size 6
    Spring 08-#90977

    NWT MOLLY Linen Ottoman Jacket-Bright Flame-size 6
    Spring 08 #88878

    NWOT MOLLY Linen Ottoman Jacket-Navy-size 6
    Spring 08- #88878

    Spring 08 #90982

    EUC Cash Martine Sweater-orange / pink colorway
    size S-summer 08-#93398

    Arrow Sweater Jackets-all size M-Fall 2010-#29002
    NWOT Black-$25
    NWOT Heather Acorn-$25

    EUC Montauk Madras Charlie Jacket-size 8
    Spring 07 #81659

    EUC Montauk Madras Mini-size 8
    Spring 07

    EUC SAFARI NJEMA tee shirt-size M
    Holiday 08-khaki/orange-#10902

    EUC Rumpled French Terry Shawl Cardi-light pink-size M

    NWT Lustre Lace Mockneck Tee-size medium


  16. EUC Mackenzie blazer, size 4, dusty rose color, $30 shipped
    EUC Jackie cardigan, size small, nightfall rose color, $25 shipped

  17. Hi ladies!
    I'm back selling a bunch more from my J Crew "Archives" - 2004-2012 this time - blazers, shorts, selvedge chambray and even the original sequin zebra tee.
    Post-baby body is ruining my plans to keep the same wardrobe! All clean and well cared for.

    If you are more into fall things please bookmark that page as I will be listing TONS of cashmere sweaters and the *original* schoolboys in the coming weeks...

  18. I have two pairs of shoes - Cece Ballet Flats in Leopard print, size 7 and Janey Black Patent Flats size 8.5 over on eBay.

    You can find the listings here:


  19. NWT Liberty Perfect Shirt in Pink Berry (65520) Size 4. $75 includes shipping.
    paypal only please

    1. Adding on to my list:

      All items from retail unless otherwise stated:

      NWT Bubble Necklace (92687) Neon Azalea. $60

      EUC Maritime Dress (37228) Black/Ivory Stripe, Size Small. $30
      EUC Maritime Colorblock Dress (83357) Navy/Coral, Size Small. $30
      EUC Amie Knit Maxidress in Engineered Stripe (62529) Navy, size Small. $30
      EUC Stoweaway Dress (42589) Navy/White, Size Small. $25
      EUC Pom-pom Shell (83881) White, Size 6. $40

      EUC (never worn, just washed) Lustre Lace Mockneck Tee (28229) Navy, Size Small. $50
      EUC (like new) Navy Schoolboy Blazer (28233) Size 4. $95
      EUC (like new) Confetti Tweed Jacket (64549) Size 6. $75
      EUC Tiered Brique Skirt (22998) Buttercream, Size 6. $45

      Smoke free home.
      Email me at:
      U.S. shipping included in prices

  20. Good morning. I have a number of items for sale on ebay from various retailers, size 4, including these from J.Crew: NWT double serge cotton pencil skirt in black, NWT medallion paisley pencil skirt in purple, NWT factory strapless top in pink paisley, grand corsage top in warm wisteria, NWOT Collection long cotton dress in green/white floral-like print. Also selling a Coach Poppy Leather Glam Tote in Rose.

    1. Do you have an email we can contact you at?

  21. I have a No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Double Serge Cotton, Size P8, in the natural colorway. Worn once and dry cleaned. $45 USA Priority Mail shipped. I also have some other J Crew items for sale on my blog - if interested, thanks!

  22. Good morning JCAs! I have a Biennial Medium Satchel in Vivid Jade for sale. The bag is BNWT and includes the storage bag.

    $121 plus shipping. Paypal only please.

    Email me at if you are interested.

  23. One pair of J.Crew Ava Glitter pumps in 9.5 (too high of a heel for me) and two pairs of Emerson Fry shoes (which are amazing but don't fit): a grey suede loafer and a leopard heel both in 40.

  24. VGUC Pleated Equestrian-Print skirt, size 12. Fall 2006. $25

    EUC Factory wool pencil skirt, honey/mustard, size 12. Holiday 2009. $20

    Contact me at Photos available upon request. Prices include shipping to US.

  25. Punk Floral Dress NWT Size 8 if interested email me at colleenlantz at

  26. J. Crew Factory Emery Flats, size 9.5, Bright Persimmon, Brand New in Box. Asking 55.00 shipped.

    Also, I have two non-J. Crew items. Both are Kate Spade shoes.

    Kate Spade Simon Pump, Size 9, Blue, Brand New in Box, Asking 135.00 shipped.

    Kate Spade Simon Pump, Size 9, Green, Brand New in Box, Asking 135.00 shipped.

    I will consider reasonable offers. Paypal only.


  27. JC Palma Leather Platform Wedges 9 Deep Raisin Worn Once!

    If you bid, send me a message that you are from here and I'll waive shipping!

  28. Good Morning, I would like to offer the Madwell lowstack sandal in black, item 88729 in size 7
    These are brand new in a box but do not work for me.
    Please email me if you are interested before I return these. I would like $54 plus shipping to recoop what i paid for
    Thank you and have a great week

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. Viv patent printed flats. Size 7.5 Worn once for 45 minutes. :).

    US ship only. Karenturk1@gmail for details/pix

    SIZE 4
    $105 shipped


  32. NWT high-waisted skinny cords, olive green, size 30 with 32" inseam. Bought on ebay a couple of weeks ago but don't fit. $30 shipped.

    If interested, or if you have questions, please email me at eliz_adan1 at yahoo dot com.

  33. All items from J Crew Retail store or on-line. None worn more than twice, most un-worn.
    Prices include shipping via USPS with tracking, if purchased this week. 10% discount on 2nd or more items. Serious best offers considered.
    Email: bichonluvrscloset at gmail dot com
    Thanks! :D


    Size 14 88345 NWT Classic Mini in Double Surge Cotton, Aqua - $25.00
    Size 32 65324 NWOT High Waisted Long Denim Pencil Skirt, Rinse Wash - $35.00
    Size 32 72543 NWT High Waisted Long Garment Dyed Denim Pencil Skirt, Lt. Aqua - $35.00


    Size 14 43134 NWOT White Lace Front Top - $25.00
    Size L 90385 EUC Navy Tiered Dot Tank - $15.00
    Size L 90385 EUC White Tiered Dot Tank - $15.00
    Size L 84072 EUC 100% Linen Swing Sweater, Aqua - $15.00
    Size L 71679 EUC 100% Linen Cable V neck Sweater, Pink - $15.00
    Size L 40511 EUC 100% Cotton Button Shoulder Sweater, Lt. Blue - $15.00
    Size L 67688 NWT (Security Tag) Black/White Sunlit Sequin Tank - $15.00
    Size L 43764 EUC Linen/Cotton Grey/Yellow Short Sleeve Sweater - $15.00
    Size L 70338 EUC 100% Cotton embroidered top, White w/blue - $15.00
    Size L 36708 EUC Carrie Crochet Sweater, Soft Dune. Worn 1X. Orig. $188.00 - $49.00
    Size L 72702 EUC 100% Linen boatneck tee, Aqua. Worn 1X - $10.00
    Size EUC Madewell Owl Sweater


    NWT, still in bubble wrap, Pave Heart Bracelet (5 hearts), $75.00
    EUC Eddie Borgo Narrow Cone and Pearl Cuff bracelet (Black leather) $75.00
    NWT still in bubble wrap, Marigold Pearl Necklace - $45.00
    EUC Color Crush Necklace (Pink/Orange) $35.00
    NWOT Long Woven Necklace $65.00
    EUC Bubble Cascade Necklace (Blues) $40.00
    EUC Tessellate Necklace (Green) $35.00
    NWOT Pink Bubble Necklace (Etsy) $15.00
    EUC Crystal Devote Necklace $35.00
    EUC Cloud Necklace $45.00
    EUC Madewell Jigsaw Necklace $35.00
    EUC Knotted Mesh Necklace - Silvertone $40.00
    EUC Antique Gold Manor Necklace $50.00
    NWOT Jumbo Brulee Necklace, Turquoise color - $ 45.00

    1. UPDATE
      -- Two highwaisted skirts are sold;
      -- Lace-front top is sold;
      -- Linen Swing Sweater sold.
      -- Madewell OWL Sweater sold.

  34. NWT Item 65899 Café capri in NAVY pinwheel eyelet Sz 6 - $45.00 shipped

    E-mail me at if you have questions or would like to see pictures

  35. NWT Collection Polka Dot Pencil Skirt, 00
    Madewell Film Noir Leopard Pumps, 6.5
    + more, here.

  36. NWT Brown A-Line Wool Skirt from 2006, size 4 - $55 shipped

    I bought this on ebay to replace my old one. I think it fits TTS for a 4, which is not my normal size. I'd also be willing to trade for the same skirt in a size 0. The quality and fit is much better than the wool skirts I've bought from J.Crew in the last few years. Email with questions!

  37. Gold with gold logo Tory Burch Reva flats, sz 9, excellent condition - (worn 4-5 times, I have something similar so purging dupes), $110 shipped

    New without tags, London Fog light khaki trench coat, sz small. Paid $125, $40 shipped.

    carolinesday at gmail dot com - please inquire for photos & further details.

  38. J. Crew Factory Blazer NWOT $50

    J.Crew Awning Stripe Skirt sz 4 NWT $40

    J.Crew Double Serge Bow Skirt TIffany Blue color sz 4 EUC $60 OBO

    J. Crew Silk Blythe Blouse Dusty Rose sz 2P NWT $30

    Jason Wu for Target Poplin Dress sz 4 EUC worn once $30

  39. Hello!

    I have the following items:

    EUC (worn twice) J.Crew Saint James striped 3/4 sleeve tee, XS. It is kelly green with navy stripes. $45 shipped.

    EUC (worn twice) J.Crew Flannel Boyfit Shirt in Creme de Menthe, 00. $40 shipped. Photo for reference:

    EUC (worn once) Ripplestitch Sweater in Sea/Navy, XXS, $40 shipped.

    If interested please E-mail me at Please note that I will accept reasonable offers.

  40. Hello!

    I have a few JCrew items that are looking for a new home! Please make me an offer at Thank you!

    NWT Starfish Linen City Fit shorts (Item 26484) - Size 0
    NWOT Sequined Tank Top - Charcoal (Item 27288) - XS
    NWOT City Mini in Linen - Flax (Item 64032) - Size 00
    EUC Denim Mini Skirt - Black (Item 23365) - Size 0
    EUC Gun Matelasse Skirt (Item 20034) - Size 0
    EUC Island Paisley Bubble Skirt (Item 26855) - Size S
    EUC Cotton Mini Skirt (Item 26069) - Size 0
    GUC Stripe Blazer (Item 25727) - Size 0
    GUC Featherweight Cotton Long Cardigan - Sweet Guava (Item 23007) - Size XS

  41. NWT Punk Floral Rash Guard size M. Email me if interested colleenlantz at

  42. Coveted pearl necklace. Brand new. Best offer. Catherinecasselberry @

    Zebra print suede kate spade Karolina heels. Brand new in box with dust bag. $105 or best offer. Size 8

  43. Sizes in the XS/0 range. Please make an offer - must sell!

    Closet Cleanout

  44. EUC Indian voile popover in vibrant fuchsia, size 2 petite. I only wore this once and it was hand-washed and line-dried. $30 with shipping.

  45. NWT Lady Jacket in Berry Pink Size Petite 0 $85

    NWT Liberty Schoolboy Blazer in June's Meadow Floral Size 0 $115

    email me at trippo3 @

  46. BNWT J.Crew Royal Paisley No. 2 Pencil Skirt Size 0. Asking $25 + Shipping from canada (About 5-7 dollars).


  47. Tops:
    NWT dark blue hammered silk Amelia tank (SU 2008), size 12, $40
    NWOT orange silk henley layering cami (HO 2010), size 12, $40

    EUC sunshine peony coccinelle strapless dress, size 12, $40

    NWOT gray city-fit stretch wool bistro pants, size 6, $20
    EUC glen plaid wool Minnies, size 6, $20

    NWT golden sunflower double-serge cotton pencil skirt (retail SU 2012), size 6 $20
    NWOT (with magnetic tag) retail wallpaper mini, size 8, $20
    EUC navy Nicky skirt, size 10: $15
    EUC Coppelle paisley mini, size 10, $20
    EUC retail big-button Trastevere paisley mini, size 12, $20

    Nothing worn more than a couple times. Willing to consider discounts for purchase of multiple items, and feel free to make me an offer, too. Thanks! caralynnlewis at gmail dot com

  48. J. Crew Dark Tangerine Knit Sundress from Summer 2012. Size 10. Worn only once. $90 OBO + free shipping

    email sypsays @ gmail dot com

  49. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. NWOT JCrew Schoolboy Herringbone Blazer, Chili, SP 2012, Size 2, $75. Worn twice. It has a wrinkled effect w/gold threads woven through. Super cute!

    EUC, JCrew Mini Cable Knit Jackie, Sky Blue, Size XS, $15 ~ white crown embossed buttons!

    EUC, JCrew Haberdashery Perfect Fit Shirt, Pink/White Stripe, Size XXS, $20. Worn a couple of times ~ too small. :(

    EUC JCrew Boucle Cropped Ivory Jacket ~ Size 6. $35.

    NWOT JCrew Tippi Leopard Sweater, XS, 2012, $30.

    NWOT Anthropologie Edme & Esylte Green Thumb Skirt, Size 6 (fits more like a 4, runs small), $30. Only worn twice ~ again too small.

    NWOT Anthropologie Odille Weave The Ring Skirt, Size 4. Also only worn a couple times. Perfect condition!

    EUC Charlie & Robbin Double-Breasted Ruffled Sweater Jacket w/Bow, Heathered Red. I think it's a small, but I have to double-check. $40

    Prices include US shipping. Canadian friends I'm happy to ship to you, but depending on where you are, there might be a slight increase due to postage. Email me to find out for sure. Add'l pictures available upon request. Thanks!

  51. One more...

    Allie Dress in modern red, size 2. Worn once for a few hours, perfect condition. $80 shipped

  52. Anthropologie Peplum Snake Skirt by Nanette Lepore (size 2)
    Never worn; new without tags
    Starting bid: $139.00

  53. J. Crew retail Edie bag in Hyacinth (pale lavender), used one, mint condition, $120 shipped. carolinesday at gmail dot com

  54. One last item: LOFT striped Dobby trench, sz small. Extremely popular last year, worn 2x. Retailed $148, $80 shipped. carolinesday at gmail dot com.

    1. It's a black and cream striped trench.

  55. Would like to:
    1) trade a NWT Navy Schoolboy 4P (unopened, untried) current version on web for 4P Black schoolboy
    2) sell the NWT Navy Schoolboy 4P for $150 shipped (this is the current version:

    thanks mkuerste at yahoo

  56. I have lots of new items listed on my Closet Blog; priced to Sell.

    J Crew, Anthropologie, a few Kate Spade items
    Shirts, Skirts, Cardigans, Dresses, Shoes, Purses, Accessories

    Just a few of what's listed:
    -Tippi in Colorblock Stripe
    -Linen Tippi in Whale NWT
    -No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Burgundy
    -Silk Fresco Dress
    -Allie Dress in Abstract Floral
    -Tybee Metallic Sandals
    -Silk Dupioni Skirt in Champagne
    -MacAlister Wedge Booties
    -Factory Intarsia in PUffin
    -BR Heritage Sequin Pencil Skirt NWT
    -Anthro Lemon Liftoff Blouse

    Sizes 6/8/S/M
    Shoes Size 7

    All prices include shipping. I'll be updating with IRL images and more items the rest of the week!



  57. BNWT J.Crew Bennett Chinos in Poppy. Sz 00. Asking: $25 shipped.


  58. I have several items for sale on Tradesy or you can contact me directly to negotiate prices. Here is the Tradesy link:

    My email is

    LIST OF ITEMS (prices below are posted on Tradesy and include shipping):
    Perfect Fit Fitted T-shirts - SIZE LARGE - 3 black, 2 white, 2 navy, 2 seafoam, 1 hot pink, 1 light pink and 1 heather grey ($14.99 each including shipping)

    Red Wool Skirt with button details - $24.50 including shipping

    Embossed Beach Dresses - SIZE 14 - Available in poppy, turquoise, grey and white - $24.50 each including shipping

    Grey Herringbone Flats with Lime Green ribbon details - Size 9 - $49.50 includes shipping

    Strappy Black Leather Sandals - Size 9 - $30.50 includes shipping

    Seafoam Long Sleeve Cotton Pullover - Size XL - $19.75 includes shipping

    You can go to the Tradesy Link or send me an email directly (

  59. Hi! Some new things for sale, and some price reductions. Shipping not included. I am open to reasonable offers too!


  60. EUC J Crew Bella Jacket in Wool Hereingbone, Coral Red, 8T, $90 plus shipping


  61. Hi All. I have a couple of items I'm interested in getting rid of.

    1035 Jacket in Superfine Cotton, Navy, size 4. Like new. $75 shipped

    Pinstripe tuxedo shirt (might be Factory), tan/white stripe, size XS. EUC. $25 shipped

    I have pictures of both items. Please contact me at nerd /dot/ coupons at gmail.

  62. Slowly making my way through a pre-Fall closet clean out. Here are a couple more items, with more to follow soon:

    EUC Maggie jacket, black, size 6 - $85 plus shipping

    EUC Bella jacket, gray herringbone, size 8 - $85 plus shipping

    Both jackets are lovely and JCA favorites! From a smoke and pet free home.
    PayPal only please. Please email me at if you are interested.

  63. Looking to swap but open to buying offers:

    NWT Petite Memo Dress in Super 120s/Navy/Petite 10 for the same in Black/Navy in Petite 12

    Email me at vivilayne @ gmail

  64. Looking to sell:

    1. J.Crew city fit black minnie in size 0. This is gently worn, of course since it's preowned, it's in preowned condition and the black is a little bit faded. $25 shipped via USPS first class mail with delivery confirmation.

    2. J.Crew 100 percent wool dark gray tab closure city fit size 0 dress pants. I paid full price for J.Crew's pricey dress pants. I had punctured the fabric on one of the knees, not with a whole but just some loose threads and took it to a professional tailor who repaired it from the under side so you can't really tell unless you look super close. Gently worn, I usually dry clean my J.Crew things. $40 shipped via USPS first class mail with delivery confirmation.

  65. Hey ladies,

    Looking to sell a beautiful Lucienne silk chiffon dress in Monterey Pine Size P00 that I bought final sale and is a little too snug. Also have a few other non-jCrew items that I'm trying to clear out of my closet before a move. Thanks for looking!

    JCrew Lucienne Dress- Monterey Pine- Size P00

  66. Worn once, black with white sequin dots 3-4 length top, asking $50 shipped. Excellent condition

    Quorra ballet flats in hot pink, brand new, size 9 asking $60 shipped

    Worn once, sequin front tee shirt/silk blouse rare color plum, very hard to find. Xs. Asking $50 shipped
    Raindrop lace tops from retail, navy 00 hot pink 0, 35 each or $60 for both. They fit me the same way.
    Need to get rid of ASAP, I start classes next week :(

    1. The sequin tee is the scoop neck sequin blouse. Also have a very rare pair of Collection viv bow flats in wild mushroom size 9. I love these but sadly they don't look right on my feet. They've only been worn about 3-4 times.

      Best offer!

  67. Madewell leather Archive Boots, brown color from fall 2012, size 8.5. Worn less than 10 times, excellent used condition! Just a little too big for me. $200 including US shipping.

    Nspotz12 [@] yahoo [.] com

  68. Hi all, tons of JCrew and JCrew Factory Items for sale on my Poshmark site. Name t2share. All items are negotiable and I'm willing to bundle to save you on shipping costs. If you see something you're interested in and don't want to use Poshmark, let me know and I'll be glad to list it on ebay instead. Happy Shopping!! fourcoveredfitness @ gmail .c om

  69. My eBay listings end tonight a 730 cst
    User name cassieadams
    9.5 tawny sand Cece's
    10 linen attache dress nwt
    10 watercolor floral dress euc


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