Thursday, August 29, 2013

"Looking to LOVE" with J.Crew

This is the weekly "Looking to LOVE with J.Crew" post, a place to share our favorite experiences with J.Crew.

If you have recently experienced a positive situation with J.Crew, maybe you might be willing to share that information with us in this post.

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  1. I have to say that I have been uber impressed with J Crew Factory's in store customer service lately. (Their online customer service, however, is meh). The SAs have been super friendly and helpful (offering to retrieve/ check on additional sizes, call other stores, checking on me just enough but not too much in the dressing rooms). I feel that at the retail stores lately it's been feast or famine with the SAs. They are either up in my grill the entire time or no where to be found. I also have to say that I've had the best customer service and luck calling Factory stores to do charge sends for items not available online. The SAs are always super helpful, looking up the item if they don't have it to find another store that might, even calling the store to have them hold it for me, and if they do have the item, it's shipped right away and I receive it within a few days. I have to give a shout out to Sarah G at the Round Rock, Texas store who tracked down and shipped me a cancelled order -an online only dress that I thought for sure I was SOL on after I received the cancellation notice-was super friendly and even sent me a nice note with my order!

  2. Jcrew factory quality is pretty amazing compared to other retailers' outlets. Thank you J Crew!

  3. I received my box of 25% off everything day before yesterday and thought I'd post comments on the items.

    LOVE - Merino boyfriend v-neck sweater! This is going to be a wear-every-week item for me. I want to get in every color! I consistently wear a 0/XS shirt for JCrew (sometimes 00/XXS in sleeveless), and I got an XS in this. I could definitely go to a XXS, but still like the looseness of the XS. I think the size is likely very forgiving on this one.

    LOVE - Chambray stripe popover. Superb deal, and I'll wear with everything from darker denim to colored cords. Think it's too much farbric to tuck into a pencil skirt, but haven't tried and it would look cute....

    Now for the trickier stuff. I ordered many different pant styles to try, so that if they ever go on sale, I'll know my size. I do not live anywhere near a store. Nothing really worked, but a few I might consider on sale with alterations.... Oh---to clarify, I'm a 2 in JCrew pants. Have to accomodate dancer legs and always have to take in the waist (and sometimes hips). I wear a 00 in skirts.

    EATON - Got these in the plaid. Lightweight. Not itchy. Okay fit. Big in waist, of course. Would consider at deep discount and if I needed, but not wowed.

    ANDIE - Tuxedo stripe is SO CUTE! Great chino weight cotton with hint of stretch and grosgrain ribbon down the side. Wish these were a homerun or I would have kept. The low, slanted side pocket was NOT flattering at all on me. Love the pants so much, though, I might buy if ever at deep discount and hide with longer shirt.

    SKINNY CAMO UTILITY CHINO - These probably fit me the best, surprisingly, out of all. I would get on sale. Thought the leg would have been way too slim for me. Love the camo. It's dark and subtle. These fit similar to the Andies but without the unflattering pocket and with a slightly higher rise. Need to alter waist, as usual.

    MINNIE - Got a size 0 in these and that was the right call. But these are really glorified leggings and not my thing. Pass.

    SULLIVAN - I didn't see these on the website today. These fit me with room in the leg (like with this type fabric), but they were also the largest overall. I think I needed to try them in a 0 as well. Liked the leg looseness on the 2, but huge everywhere else. Would take major alterations.

    By the way, I'm 5'4", and I wouldn't need to hem anything that I ordered. I never fit petite lengths but unusual not to have something a bit long.

    Hope this helps someone ;-)

    1. Thanks for the reviews! It sounds like we have similar builds. I have muscular legs from years of running and have to buy (and alter the waist) size 2 pants (0 in skirts). I thought the skinny camo utility chino looked adorable but assumed it would be way too tight in the calves for me. Your review makes me want to give them a try. I had a feeling that Minnie pants would fit like leggings, so I think I will pass on those.

  4. I finally worked with a very personal stylist, and she was fabulous. She knew what I wanted instantly, pulling a few pieces that were on my wish list, and showed me a few things that I never thought would work for me. The Skinny Utility Chino was one of them -- the slim leg usually doesn't flatter me -- but they fit beautifully. She also pulled the Drapey Crepe Henley Tunic, which I never would have picked out for myself (and it looked so blah on the hanger), and I absolutely loved it. Such a great experience!

    1. I love the utility chino! They were much more flattering on than the Andie. I ordered them in faded black and can't wait for them to get here.

  5. HELLO30 for 30% off promo & final sale. Free shipping on $100+. I like that! Good thru 9/2.

    Visit the Irl Pic Guide - Sale

    1. Oops, I meant to post this elsewhere. Oh well, I *do* love extra 30% :)

  6. Eeeee! After calling a bazillion factory stores today (even though they all said the Excursion vest in Herringbone is sold out in XS everywhere), I finally got desperate and called Canada and they found one for me. Shout out to Alberta! :)

    I will receive it next week! So jazzed!

    Not jazzed that they apparently never got around to stocking XXS in stores as that is my true size, but w/e XS is close enough.


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