Friday, February 15, 2013

Upcoming J.Crew Warehouse Sale {Lynchburg, VA}

"Thanks!" to Helena, as well as Mackenzie (in this post), who let us know that J.Crew will be hosting another warehouse sale on February 23rd and 24th.

A big "thanks!" to Helena who not only shared the email above, but the price list & guideline below, as well as the following tidbit: "...IMO the workers are becoming more diligent about charging Collection prices for collection items. This is not a problem for high end items...".

For the event's days/hours:

Saturday, February 23rd (8am - 8pm)
Sunday, February 24th (10am - 6pm)

As with all their sample sales, all sales are final. The location for the event is:

J.Crew Millrace Clearance Store
25 Millrace Drive
Lynchburg, VA 24502
(434) 316-6324

The following are the prices from this event in January (so this should give you an idea what to expect):
Student/Teacher and Friends and Family Discount may not be applied to purchases


     All non-sweater tops/Suiting vests - $10
Basic Solid Tees - $8
Basic Solid Tanks - $5

    Skirts/Pants/Capris - $10
Men's Pants - $10
Shorts - $8

    All blazers/Casual jackets/Vests - $25
All puffer vests/Trench coats - $25
All winter coats/Puffer Jackets - $70
All Cashmere - $25
All Other - $15

     Wedding Dresses - $40
Special Occasion - $15
All other dresses - $15

Short Boots - $50
Tall Boots - $100
Women's Shoes/Men's Shoes - $40
Women's flats/Heeled Sandals - $30
Wellies/Flat sandals/Espadrilles - $10
Weather/Rubber flip flops/Slippers - $6
All socks, tights - $2
All headbands, hair accessories - $1
All other accessories - $5
Jewelry - $8
All leather/Suede handbags - $30
All fabric (non-leather handbags) - $20
ALL SWIMWEAR (per piece) - $5
Sweatshirts/Pants, robes, lounge pants - $10
Sleep/Lounge shorts/Union Suits - $5
Knit/Woven boxers - $3


All blazers/Coats/Jackets - $20
All sweaters/Shirts - $6

Skirts/Pants/Capris - $8
Shorts - $5
Non-special occasions - $10
Special occasions - $15
Flip-flops - $3
All others - $8
Jewelry - $5
All other accessories - $1
Tops/Bottoms/Dresses - $50
Jackets/Coats - $50
Shoes - $60
Guidelines for this event:
In an effort to enhance your shopping experience and give as many customers as possible the opportunity to purchase our sample sale merchandise, we've made a few updates to our shopping guidelines.
Upon entrance to the sale, you'll be provided with a price list and one shopping bag.
Additional/personal shopping bags are not permitted.

Fitting rooms are not provided and disrobing to undergarments is prohibited.

Only place items intended for purchase in your shopping bag.

Because of space limitations, we cannot accommodate sorting prior to checkout.

Purchases should be limited to $500 of value for each trip.

Limits on Purchases:
As an added reminder, we do not authorize the purchase of our merchandise for resale purposes. To enforce this policy, we may, in our sole discretion, limit or cancel quantities purchased per person, per household or per order. These restrictions may include orders placed by or under the same customer account, the same credit card, and/ or orders that use the same billing and/ or shipping address. we reserve the right to limit or prohibit orders that, in our sole judgment, appear to be placed by dealers, resellers or distributors. We also reserve the right to cease doing business with those customers violating this policy. We may modify this policy at any time without prior notice. This limits on purchases policy applies to all purchases made at our retail stores, through our catalogs and on

We will be replenishing the sale on Sunday.

We appreciate your cooperation as was we work to improve the Sample Sale shopping experience.
If you know any more details of this event and/or planning to attend, please let us know!

Congrats to all those in the area!!! :)


  1. Oh no! It looks like the price of the shoes have gone up--ballet flats used to be 20 and I thought that the hels were 30?

  2. that should say heels but it wouldn't let me correct...

  3. Prices can change from sale to sale. I think these are the prices from the last sale in January. I paid $40 for a pair of Etta pumps at the January sale in Lynchburg. (Actually $36 because they were deducting 10% at the register). Last fall I paid $30 for black Mona's.

    1. Muffy, you are correct. :) The price list is from January. I made sure to include that in the post, to clear up the confusion. Apologies about that! :)

    2. I know prices can change from sale to sale, but I am disappointed that the price for the ballet flats jumped $10, which seems like a lot given the minor fluctuations on everything else (I guess it means I will buy fewer of them). that said, I am happy dresses dropped $5.

  4. The last sale in Asheville had 10% off your purchase the first day, 15% off the second day. They have to do that when they are charging $40 for defective shoes, I think!

    1. lol, I was thinking that those didn't exactly seem like bargain basement prices to me, no?

  5. So I am not sure how far Lynchburg is from me, but I am absolutely looking it up... now. Thanks for the heads up!

  6. Wish I lived in VA now. What kind of things do they sell in the sample sale? Is it always older season items? I am continually kicking myself for not getting the Marceau Purse when it was around and am now stuck stalking eBay and JCA weekly sale for my bag.

  7. Thanks for posting this list Alexis, it is very helpful. I am thinking about going to this sale, but still need to coordinate logistics, since I think it is about 3 hours away from where I am.

  8. I wish I lived closer. I would love to see it for myself.

    Good luck to everyone lucky enough to experience it in person!

  9. Ruffles - If I make it, I will definitely report back!

    If anyone is going to the sample sale and spies a pair of Olympia leather heels (not flats sandals or wedges) in size 8.5 in seashore beige, I will pay you $$ to buy them for me! kriscrew5519 at gmail dot com

  11. I suspect they are all long gone, but hope springs eternal.

  12. Does anyone know how they're pricing collection items then...? Are they priced as marked and not eligible to be categorized as described above?

  13. OT, but the website sale is now 40% off final sale and free shipping with code STYLE40. Woohoo!

  14. Question: I won't be able to make it to the sale until about 3 o'clock pm on Saturday. Would it be worth my drive? Aka is all the good stuff going to be gone or do they replenish or re-stock throughout the day? Thanks!

  15. Does anyone know if they stock petite sizes at the sample sale?

  16. How often does the Lynchburg location have its warehouse sales?


  17. went today--about an hour and 45 minute wait (got there a little before 10, the line outside when we left at 2 was still practically as long). prices slightly different from above--winter coats $45, all other jackets and vests were $20, tall boots down to $50. special occasion dresses were $10, someone might have made a typo on that since dresses were $15. wedding dresses were $30. non cashmere sweaters $10. all collection items were $40. didn't matter what it was, if it was collection, it was $40 (men’s, women’s, and kid’s—-I really wanted the wine lyla dress for my daughter, but not at $40). everything was 15% off at checkout.

    this was our 3rd sale. every sale seems to be completely different from the one before. this one had lots of bottoms-- cords and jeans and slacks (tons of madewell floral jeans). I thought this sale had the smallest selection of bridal dresses and special occasion dresses I’ve seen (I felt sorry for the large group waiting in line near us who had come down specifically for wedding and bridesmaid dresses).

    I have had great luck with shoes at the other two sales, but not this time (the section seemed smaller and the selection not as good). I think the boots were cheaper because most of them were factory (at least I am assuming they were factory since they said made in china and did not say leather).

    I didn’t get as much as at the other sales: a draped skirt in navy, two scarves, a couple of headbands, some crewcuts stuff. but I did get a new winter coat—-a black metro double cloth with thinsulate which fit beautifully. everything my mom and I bought had tags, looked brand new, and the oldest item was from this past summer.

    there are always random items that you can’t figure out where jcrew has been hiding them—-this time I saw a bunch of really preppy small purses (pink madras patchwork clutches and wood framed seersucker bags).

  18. Lillian, Thanks so much for the update. Lynchburg is quite a roadtrip for me and I couldn't make the logistics work this month.

  19. I enjoyed the sale but had to wait outside for a long time before getting in. I talked to some girls who had heard about the sale and driven from Richmond. After an hour they turned around and left; it was freezing! No matter, I was sticking it out and getting in. Got in around 1 on Sat but there weren't many people shopping considering the outside line. Tally stations and pay stations were empty. Kind of strange.

    Good selection of merchandise and fabulous prices. Coats were $50 plus 15% off and dresses were $10 or $15 depending on the style. My new Ryder boots were $25 less 15%. I even found some neat jewelry and a purse.

    Staff was mostly pleasant but some crotchety ones still are around to remind people that items must remain in your bag and cannot be pulled out during the sale to inspect. A pleasant voice over the loud speaker announces the same hourly.

    I overheard a girl talking about being able to exchange something she bought earlier to another girl who asked to exchange a pair of pants and was told no.

    I would have bought more if I had the time; I had a four hour window but two of the hours were in line. I texted my friends meeting me there and told them not to bother if they didn't have a substantial amount of time. Otherwise it was pretty cool and I love my finds.

  20. I went to the JCrew sale this weekend for the first time. While I got some wonderful finds – a Lady Day coat that I desperately needed to replace my old one, a gorgeous Collection sweater and a cute pencil skirt – I was disappointed on two major points. First, the line to get in was RIDICULOUS!! While I expected there would be a wait first thing Saturday morning based on what my friends had told me, I had to wait almost 2.5 hours on late Saturday afternoon. There seemed to be no rhyme or reason to how they let people in. I was told shift change was at 4 pm (I saw lots of employees leaving, so I’m sure that is true) and it felt like the remaining employees then forgot about the shoppers waiting outside. It was almost 30 minutes before the next group was let in. While the wait would be frustrating on its own, it was very cold and I had had to stand on a muddy lawn. My boots will never be the same! To add insult to injury, the place felt almost empty inside. I don’t know why more shoppers could not have been let in. After I got in, I had to wonder if they really wanted to make money at this sale. They clearly were not maximizing this opportunity for themselves or, more importantly, for the shoppers.

    But, for me, the real kicker was the “bait and switch” at the tally table. I had found a pair of Hunter boots, which would have been perfect given the weather conditions. When I got to the tally table, I was informed that JCrew would not sell “partnership” items and they took the boots away from me. Since I was tired and over the whole sale experience, I chose not to fight for the boots. But I am a CPA and have had training in the Uniform Commercial Code. The UCC basically states it is illegal to bait and switch items (e.g. advertise one item that is really isn’t available and offer to “substitute” another item). Based on this law, the fact that the Hunter boots were out on the sale floor meant that they were offered for sale. I should have been able to purchase these boots at the stated price on the price list. What JCrew did was illegal. So, if any other JCAs run into this situation, I recommend that you ask for the manager and cite the Uniform Commercial Code and remind them that “bait and switch” is illegal.

    I don’t know if I will go back again. Yes, I got a few good deals, but the hassle of getting in and the whole bait and switch issue left me with a bad impression of JCrew. Ann Taylor here I come

  21. I thought the line was ridiculous as well, the group that was allowed in right before me had 9 people in it and they actually cut a couple in half. the other times I have gone they did batches of 10 or 20 but if there were small groups they wouldn't cut them in half. I saw a couple of cops this time and I wonder if they haven't gotten in trouble for some kind of crowd issues?

    my pricing issue is that there are items that CLEARLY don't fit the guidelines and they have to figure out some system for that. I found a pair of rainy day flats and they wanted to charge me $30 even though they had the warehouse store $20 price tag on them. the tally people said that they counted as women's flats (I could have sworn that one of the sales I went to had a category that covered them and they were priced about the same as flip flops...) and those red leather pouches--there were tons of them and they were counting them as leather purses. they clearly weren't worth $30.

    1. lillian, I find that extremely frustrating too.

      I think they need some people working the sales who are more familiar with J.Crew merchandise. In my experience, they are the regular warehouse workers who, I'm guessing, don't "get" that those rainy day flats are not worth $30 and clearly are not meant to be priced the same as leather flats that sell for over $100 retail, and that the pouches you mentioned aren't purses and should be counted in the "other accessories" category and sold for $5 (or whatever the going rate is for that category).

      In the asheville sales, I must say that I have only rarely encountered a tally person that didn't give me the benefit of items not fitting into a category - but when I have, I got so mad and just said fine, I don't want the items. It's just so unreasonable. And then they probably wonder why there are three boxes full of rainy day flats, small leather goods, etc. left over at the end of the sale...

      They need some JCAs who really know the merchandise working the tally tables :)

  22. now a little off topic, but I got an email saying that everything at the warehouse stores is 40% off (and with the teacher discount...), does anyone know when the stores restock? do they put out new merchandise daily or just on certain days?


    1. Hi lillian. It is actually 40% off just winter merchandise, in the Asheville one anyway. It excludes collection items (which are extremely overpriced, even at the clearance stores!). The sale only includes coats, boots, cashmere, and a few other things that I forgot. The previous sale they had going where certain categories were all on sale (e.g., flats $40, cashmere $45, coats $90) was much better!

      I have no idea when they restock; it has always seemed random to me.

  23. I went to the sale as well and found alot of great things. For example, I got the black and white etta cap toe heel, silver bow ballets flats, 2 pairs of jeans, 2 slacks, and 2 sweaters. I thought the prices were the best I have ever seen. However, the line was long to get in and there were many resellers there, its sad because the workers know who they are but do nothing. You can spot them out because there grabing every show possible (not looking at sizes). A worker told me that they pay the college students to shop for them so they can get around the 500 dollar limit. I wish Jcrew would get real about the resellers because I know I do. If I want something and I see a male or female reseller picking up everything, I ask them for my size or I am telling. Yes, I will tell. These resellers by things for a fraction of the amount and than mark it up. Sorry but find another way to do business. Also, Jamie Adkins is a reseller. Alexis come get her!

    1. Pressed: I see there is a discussion on the same topic over at the Sought & Found post. Instead of responding twice, I will just point to my response over there. :)

  24. i saw a lady buying four of the same sweaters in different sizes and tally people didn't say anything. and i wanted one of those sweaters in my size pretty badly! Pressed, you are brave!!


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