Thursday, February 7, 2013

JGIC Product Review: Life's a Beach

A big "thanks!" to J.Crew Guy In Canada who is graciously reviewing Men's items from J.Crew with us. In this review, he looks at J.Crew's warm weather finds for men:
This winter is dumb and if I stay here much longer so I am. Thankfully J.Crew and company has got me covered. Sandy beaches, warm water here I come.

Board shorts, gotta have 'em. I have three pairs from J.Crew and they all fit just like all the other men's pants from J.Crew. So feel comfortable ordering your regular size and you're good to go. I have #56558, the midnight blue is perfect and the cargo style is not baggy or loose like you think when you think cargo. The only thing you need to watch is the inseam length. Tall guys can go long, regular sized fellows should stick to 7" or 9" depending on how much cardio you do. Anything shorter than than tends to best suited to a personal trainer, very short men or a show-off. The only other advice I have is to get something to wear inside. These board shorts are unlined which in my life means no mesh underwear to keep things in place. When worn without a liner prepare for some chaffing. So get a speedo to wear under them. Some guys wear plain underwear in theirs with underwear's name showing out of the boardshorts, but that is cheesey and way too Jersey Shore in my mind.

Shorts are another must have. My favorites are the 9" broken-in chino short #67140. Again only tall guys need to look at the 11" ones unless you're doing the skater boy look which I am way too old for. The really dark colours look best on guys with darker skin or a great tan. Paler or lighter skin works best with the chino colours and such. My go to colours are the khaki and cream ones. Everything matches and they mask stains from the sand. The really bright ones are just too in your face for me, but some fellows love them.

On top I go with either polos, (see last week's post) or untucked, slightly rumpled button down oxfords. Roll up the sleeves, keep the collar unbuttoned and channel your inner J.F.K. A great option is #27156 in white. You can't go more classic or look bad wearing one. If it cools off grab a hoodie or a sweatshirt like the vintage fleece zip hoodie #86607 in heather blueberry. Fitted, but not tight and don't size up, that way too loose look is best suited for hanging out a home and not on a beach vacation. Feeling a little more stylish and French influenced? try the Halyard stripe button hoodie in navy and you'll be too cool for words. And please no beer tank tops.

Flip flops are a must, my brand of choice is Reef. Good arch support and easy to wear all day. The cheaper J.Crew ones are okay for short distances. I do like the PT Island Slipper #01274, but close to $100, ouch. Now if you really want to push the prep look try some Sperry Top Siders in a great colour. And wear them sockless or if you must wear socks get the cheaters otherwise known as the no-show loafer socks #10089. I wear them all spring and summer with sneakers and dress shoes. No way I will wear dress shoes without socks.

Finally a book and a hat. I wear Nike dry fit ball caps, comfortable and they breathe and are easy to wash. Book wise I went with an ereader in a matte screen. No more carrying pounds and pounds of books for me. More room in my suitcase for clothing!

As to this Canadian winter, I'm outta here!
Another fantastic review! "Thanks!" again to J.Crew Guy In Canada for his in-depth look at the all these pieces!
What are your thoughts on J.Crew's warm-weather pieces for Men? Do you own any of their shorts/ board shorts? If so, please share with us your review. :)


  1. I don't own or ever bought any, but this was entertaining to read. Hope J. Crew Guy in Canada has a great vacation!

  2. Cute post! Can J.Crew Guy in Canada help dress my husband? ;)

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  4. Thanks, JCG…your aesthetic is very close to my DH's, so this helps me understand him (he doesn't always articulate what he likes and doesn't like, thinking that I can read his mind, when it comes to choosing wardrobe items). He insists he can't do stripes, but I'm thinking perhaps he needs something subtle - maybe the hoodie.

    Thankfully, he's a pretty snappy dresser, as are you, I'm sure :)!

    (edited for typos!)

  5. JCGIC, can you please start a blog? It would soooo help my husband (and me, since I do his shopping). I always feel like I'm floundering figuring out what to buy him while trying to reach a balance between pleasing me and pleasing him :)

  6. Thanks for another great post, JCG! Like others, I also wish you would start a blog! :)

  7. Ladies, you're all far too kind. For now Alexis' blog is the perfect fit for me. I'll be posting as long as she'll have me.

    1. JCrew Guy in Canada: Thank you *so* much for all your fantastic reviews. I am very grateful to have you sharing your thoughts with this blog. As long as you don't mind sharing them, I will keep posting them!!! :) You even have your own label to help JCAs find your posts easier. :)

      P.S. I too think you should start a blog- you have a great writing style! :)

  8. Thanks for another fun review, JCGIC! I like Chaco flip flops for ultimate all-day comfort. But from one Canadian to another - what's wrong with a little snow, eh?


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