Tuesday, February 12, 2013

J.Crew's In-Store Promos {plus the February 2013 Catalog}

Several JCAs reported some category promotions at their local brick and mortar (B&M) stores this weekend. I am not sure how long they will run for (or if they are still available), but they are definitely worth mentioning just in case they stick around all week:
  • 25% off full price scarves
    {"Thanks!" to audreys (in this post), who let us know this!}
  • 25% off enamel bracelets
    {"Thanks!" to JRSConifer (in this post), who let us know this!}
  • 25% off sweaters
    {"Thanks!" to Rose (in this post) & ema (in this post), who let us know this!}
  • 25% off 3 or more tortoise hair accessories
    {"Thanks!" to Lauren (in this post), who let us know this!}
  • Vintage cotton tees (short sleeve, v-neck, crew neck) are $24.50
    {"Thanks!" again to Lauren (in this post), who let us know this!}
Please let us know if your local B&M store is offering any of these promotions this week.

On a different topic... "thanks!" to coffeeshopandfunnyfaces (in this post), who let us know that J.Crew has finally posted their February 2013 catalog on their website (click here to view). The catalog is definitely worth a look if you have not already.

Did you check out the latest catalog online? Do you know of any in-store promotions? If so, please share! :)


  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Alexis!

    1. Thank *you* Rose for sharing that in-store promotion!!! :)

    2. Thanks too from me, my 15 min of fame.

    3. JRSConifer: Again, thank you for letting us know. I know I would not have known! :)

  2. Why are only some stores running the promotions? Why not across the board? Anyone know if any of the VA stores are running the sweater promotion?

    1. Liza: I am not sure if all stores are running this or just some. I know that sometimes my local store just doesn't put out the little sign that should accompany the promo merchandise. If you are in the store (or if you call them), it doesn't hurt to ask an associate to ring it up to find out. :)

  3. I was told by the SA at my store that the sweater promo is 25% off, not 30%? Not sure but there is one on full price cashmere at 25% off.

  4. Does anyone know if there are any promotions in Madewell stores right now?

  5. I went by my local store today (Fair Oaks Mall, VA) and they were having a few promos: 25% off sweaters, 25% off enamel bracelets, 25% off 3 or more tortoise hair accessories, and also the vintage cotton tees (short sleeve, v & crew neck) were $24.50.

    I actually didn't buy anything just mostly going to check out new arrivals. I didn't try anything on because I was in a hurry and had my 2 year old with me. I was hoping to see the red chino shorts in person but they didn't have those in the store. Also, I thought I would like the reverse jacquard-stripe popover but it looked weird and kind of blah to me in person. I really liked the tipped boy shirt and the boy shirt in mint strawberry plaid. Someone said on here that they thought the plaid shirt was more ivory and I have to respectfully disagree. It's not a bright white but I wouldn't call it ivory either. It is really cute!


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