Thursday, June 19, 2014

Upcoming J.Crew Warehouse Sale {Lynchburg, VA}

A big "thanks!" to Raquel, who let us know that J.Crew will be hosting another Warehouse Sale this weekend! Lots of merchandise for men, women, and the kids!

The dates for this event are as follows:

Saturday, June 21st (from 8AM to 8PM)
Sunday, June 22nd (from 10AM to 6PM)

The location for this shopping event is:

J.Crew Millrace Clearance Store
25 Millrace Drive
Lynchburg, VA 24502
(434) 316-6324

If you know any more details of this event (like pricing) and/or planning to attend, please let us know!

Congrats to all those in the area!!! :)


  1. I'm going with a friend on Saturday! Hopefully I'll find some good deals! :)

  2. how far in advance can we find out about these warehouse sales? always want to go, but I always find out like a day or two before. 4 hour drive for me so I have to plan for it!

  3. JMW.... if you call the phone number there is typically a recording saying when the next on will be.

  4. I made the mistake of taking a trip one random weekend last month & they were in the middle of a warehouse sale. I don't have it in me to do the warehouse thing but at least the clearance store was still open during the same time period. It is too intense for me!

  5. I won't be going to Lynchburg but I will be going to Arden to the clearance store. Can't wait, I was told they have lots of jewelry and hopefully shoes.

  6. I went today! It was crowded, and a long wait to get in and then to check out. Along with the J Crew merchandise, there was a large selection of partner items with a separate and more expensive pricing sheet.

    Examples of partner items include Belstaff, Birkenstock, Aigle, Minnetonka, Altuzarra, LemLem, Barbour, Timex, and Wolford. A partial list of the J Crew prices are Men's and Women's non-sweater tops $10, bottoms $15, blazers $30, dresses $15, winter coats $60. Today everything was discounted 15% at the register.

    It is long day, and can be exhausting to stand for hours and sort through boxes, but you can find some good things. I got about 35 things to include a lot of work clothes, some sweaters, and 2 winter coats for a total of about $450 for it all.

  7. I went today! Ditto to the comment above^^. We waited in line for two hours! and the line to check out was quite long too, but I got 21 items for $190 dollars! (5 sweaters, 6 tops, 3 dresses, 1 pencil skirt, 4 bathing suits, 1 pair of pants, and 1 pair of shorts).

    If you can get there, it's definitely worth it, but bring plenty of water and snacks as standing in the sun is draining as is all the digging. They had so much merchandise left and there had to be at least 500 unopened boxes sitting around on the other side of the warehouse! Also if you took your receipt to the actual store in front they gave you 30% off you purchase in there too!

  8. I made it to Arden yesterday and actually found three items I had been watching online. I got the ecru denim jacket, drapey linen drawstring pant in navy and the mint spike necklace I had missed out on.


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