Monday, May 19, 2014

The Great (Weekly) Exchange {looking to find}

This post (of weekly posts) is for individual members who are looking for and interested in buying certain items. Please feel free to share a J.Crew store location and/or your outside listing/ auction site if it matches the requests made in this post.

Please note: this posting is not for resellers, retailers or businesses. If you are a reseller, retailer, or a business, your comment gets automatically deleted & you will get publicly called out on it. :( So instead of this, simply do not post in the Weekly Exchanges. Thanks in advance for your cooperation! :)

Also note that any transactions are independent of this blog. (Especially since you will be using an outside listing/ auction site like eBay or eCrater.) I have no dealings or interactions with any of the potential communication, listings, or transactions. :) Moreover, please limit comments about items to swap/sell/share/finding to the "Great (Weekly) Exchange" posts. (Refer to "A Quick Note to J.Crew Aficionadas" post.)

Is there an item (or items) that you are looking for and interested in purchasing?


  1. Hello! Looking for the Hugo Guiness "Blah Blah Blah" t-shirt in an XS. Missed it before it sold out as I was too busy with a newborn at home. (And you'd think I would have found the time to early-morning stalk it, since I certainly was up!)

  2. The most recent Ratti Pineapple skirt in size 6 (item 52857)


  3. Cece flats size 9.5 in black leather

    Liberty of London scarf in navy floral

  4. Greetings JCAs - I am looking for the Crystal Baguette Necklace (Item #05682) in the bright yellow color that was offered in Fall 2013. Please reply to this post with your e-mail, and I'll get in touch with you. Thank you, JenniferD

  5. Still looking for the Madewell Silk Paisley Tunic dress. Looking for an XS, would consider Small.

    sarahrmentel at gmail dot com

  6. Looking for the pink floral embroidered top in a size 10 (12 would be ok too). I ordered it this weekend and then was super disappointed when it was cancelled :( would be really happy to find it!

  7. Still looking for the Printed Espadrilles in Pink Blue, Size 8.

    Email me at neely.meredith at gmail dot com. Thank you!

  8. ISO:

    Angela Caputi bracelets (other than Amber or Turquoise), EUC is fine

    Golden Paisley blouse, 10 or 12

    Gallerista skirt, 10 or 12


  9. Hi! I am looking for a jcrew bridesmaid dress in a size 2 or 4 it is called the SELENA DRESS IN SILK CHIFFON, in strawberry. I know its a long shot but we all know you never reaaallly wear your bridesmaid dresses again

    email me at

  10. Looking for Cove Floral Bikini bottoms in size XS or S


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