Monday, May 19, 2014

J.Crew's June 2014 Catalog on Pinterest

"Thanks!" to many of you, including JSR (in this post), as well as Miss JR (in this post), who let us know that there are several images from the June 2014 catalog on Pinterest. (Click here for J.Crew on Pinterest.)
Unfortunately, the catalog is being uploaded in pieces. One. photo. at. a. time. Way to mute the excitement by stretching it out.
On a bright note, the catalog is already available in J.Crew stores. Plus, it is being shipped out to customers via snail mail.

Word among several JCAs is that the next roll out of new arrivals (online) is this Wednesday. Brick & mortar stores might already have items on the floor.

RELATED NOTE: "Thanks!" to J.Crew Guy In Canada who shared the following news with us:
...Sadly I've just discovered that Canada will not be receiving the style guide in the mail any more.  I emailed the company and asked for a copy to be mailed to me, but I'm unsure if it will happen for each edition...
This is a surprising move by J.Crew! I hope they will reconsider. I think having a paper copy of the Style Guide is a great way to get customers shopping. There is just something about seeing the catalog in person.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming collection? Are there any pieces you are super excited about? Does your local store carry any of the new arrivals yet? If so, please share!


  1. Please, please, PLEASE some bright colors, J. Crew!!!!!!!!

  2. I was told by my local store, new items would be out on Tuesday in store and Wednesday online. I guess we will wait and see!

  3. Some previews also here.

    I have already seen the Watercolor Ikat dress in our store.

    I haven't received any style guide in the mail in eons, but luckily I can usually pick one up in the store.

  4. Received a follow up email regarding the style guide.

    Slight correction; Canadians will receive some of the style guides, but I'm unsure if they will alternate mail outs with different catalogues or send out every second one or ...?

    Still disappointed that we won't get them the way we used to.

    1. I don't think I've received every copy in a long, long time. Did you receive a copy every month until recently? I know that you pick copies up at stores.

    2. I haven't received one since March. Unfortunately I'm not near a store to pick one up in person.

    3. While the SA's are nice in the stores, generally Jcrew's policies for Canada are lousy. Can't make returns to stores of online orders.. Pay for your mail returns yourself. No rewards cards (that I know of at least and I have been a heavy shopper there). Oddly, I got the last style guide I. The mail with a letter saying "get to know us Canadian friend" (or something like that) with the impression left that they would keep coming. So I guess we can add inconsistent to the list too.

  5. The new catalog is up on my blog now!
    Enjoy here.

  6. Most new items were already out in the store here, I saw them today. I found several pieces I really love, but am waiting to see if there is any promo on Wednesday.

    1. Alot was in the Canadian stores this weekend as well.
      I think the reason we (Canada) won't get as many style guides is our postage is $$ and they have to print diferent guides because of the price differences.
      With our dollar less these days I am watching my spending at J Crew....when sales do hit Canada we get prices in line with the U.S 's
      My favorite of the new items is the line/lace tank...saw it in stores...all colors are lovely...
      OT....what is up with the sale section? It is full of winter sweaters ( things that have not sold by the flannel pj's and all ) and no added % off....this is just plain dumb....

    2. Sorry linen/lace trimmed tank...

  7. Ah, I was just thinking it was about time I wrote in again, wondering why I stopped receiving the catalogues. Bah. They wouldn't have to print Canadian-specific catalogues if they would just go back to letting us buy online at the US price and charge us the darn duties and taxes separately. It was definitely cheaper before, especially since they rip us off by charging in US dollars anyway. I don't know how they can get away with that!

    Plus the last time I placed an order the tax was overcharged slightly- it's a set rate, I have no idea how they came up with the number!

    Maybe they should rethink this- I have hardly purchased anything since January, and the last purchase was inspired by a style guide I DID receive...

  8. ...and all the photos are up on Pinterest.

    This is a sad style guide for me. Majority of the styles I didn't like. I'll have to see if I'll like any of the 'Looks We Love' on tomorrow's online roll-out.


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