Thursday, October 17, 2013

Upcoming J.Crew Warehouse Sale {Lynchburg, VA}

A big "thanks!" to Jacob, who let us know that J.Crew will be hosting another Warehouse Sale this weekend! Lots of merchandise for men, women, and the kids!

The dates for this event are as follows:

Saturday, October 19th (from 8AM to 8PM)
Sunday, October 20th (from 10AM to 6PM)

The location for this shopping event is:

J.Crew Millrace Clearance Store
25 Millrace Drive
Lynchburg, VA 24502
(434) 316-6324

If you know any more details of this event (like pricing) and/or planning to attend, please let us know!

Congrats to all those in the area!!! :)


  1. I'm going! So excited, I've never been before, except to that weird one they did in Richmond for like a month a few years ago. I thought that no more were happening in Lynchburg... so I'm going to take advantage of their apparent change of heart :)

  2. This is very interesting as our paper (we are an hour East of Lynchburg) reported that since consolidating the two clearance stores into one, they would no longer be hosting these sales. Hm...

  3. I am so excited!!! I thought they were never having another one.

  4. How do they decide where these are? And why do they always only seem to be in NC or VT?

  5. Be prepared:
    1. Wear comfortable shoes--you might stand in line for hours.
    2. Wear layers that you can tie around yr waist.
    3. Wear a hat--good for sun or rain.
    4. If it's cloudy, you really do need an umbrella--it can rain at any time in Lynchburg; weather systems blow across the mountains.
    5. Wear a cross body bag.
    6. Have snacks, water, and charged handheld device for boredom.
    7. Inside, you're given a trash bag...fill it with anything you are remotely interested in (it won't be there when you turn around again).
    8. Try on everything after you've dug your way through.
    9. Don't buy anything "iffy"--(weird color, too small, too big) just b/c it's a good price!

    Inside, you are in the actual warehouse, with shelves up to ceiling, packed with boxes (makes it hard to believe they ever sell out of anything).

    The merchandise is a giant mess--clothing heaped on tables, in boxes underneath the tables, and on rudimentary shelves. The gowns and some coats are on racks. Very little is sorted after the first hour or two, and you will be digging through piles of current, past-season, and years-old merchandise.

    You may leave empty-handed, or you may leave with some treasures.

    Last time I went, in the Spring, I got
    --green velvet Schoolboy blazer, $30
    --riding boots, leather, $40
    --leather oxfords, $30
    --McAlister Wedges, $30
    --Lady Day Coat, $40
    --tweed "sample" jacket, in the Chanel-cut
    --Men's khakis and dress shirts for $15-$20 ea
    --a lot of Crewcuts items, all current, for $6 ea, for all the little people in my life.

    They usually offer an add'l percentage off your total.

    You might convince yourself not to look for anything particular, b/c it really is needle in a haystack.

    But you might find something great. And for weeks afterward, you'll have to readjust your mindset when you shop in store or online: "But I just saw that wadded up in a dirty ball, for $20 at the warehouse sale...."

  6. It's 3 hr 22 min drive from my apartment in Charlotte! Is it worth it? Should I do it????

  7. Currently in line. Been waiting almost two hours with at least another hour to go. All of virginiaprep's tips are on point.

    1. What time did u get there? Anything good? I plan to make the road trip in the morning

    2. Is it true there is a $500 cap? I was thinking of doing some holiday shopping. Thanks

    3. Got there 1pm, waited outside til about 440. Yes, got some good stuff - probably happiest about $10 Blythe, $15 Camille dress I had been waiting to see pop back in my size, and SHOES!

    4. Very few blazers, did see one of the black schoolboys. Dresses included a lot of the ponte A-line ones from this summer. Yes, there is a cap but I think you would have to work hard to get near it - and plus the bags are flimsy! You could go back in a second time.

  8. we got there around 10:15 and finally made it in at 2:45 (I think this was our 5th or 6th time going and the longest we have ever had to wait). it was absolute chaos inside. all of the other times they have had a least a little bit of organization inside the warehouse--crewcuts stuff in one section and special occasion dresses in another and men's on the side (you might still find a crewcuts item in with adult clothes, but at least they had tried to separate it out). this time everything was jumbled together except for the shoes. there were no hanging racks for anything, just rows and rows of boxes with all kinds of random things inside. deals were pretty good, but there was no additional percentage

  9. This may be a random question, but with the long wait outside what do you do if you need to use the bathroom?

    1. there are two porta potties and if the clearance store is open you can use theirs--people in line are pretty cool with if you duck out to use the bathroom. once you are inside there isn't a bathroom and I have been told that the decision to let you out to use the bathroom and then back in is totally a worker to worker decision and their generosity can't be relied on.

    2. Interesting. I wonder if it's the same deal at the Arden, NC location...that's the location nearest to me.

  10. So bummed to have missed this! I thought they weren't doing warehouse sales in Lynchburg? Ugh! Next one?

  11. Just confirmed that there is a warehouse sale scheduled for this weekend--January 18-19, 2014--at the Lynchburg Clearance Center on Millrace Drive. Saturday hours are 8-8, Sunday 10-6. 434-316-6324


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