Tuesday, September 17, 2013

JCA Community {quote it!}

There are a lot of good quotes and it is getting harder to choose just one. So I won't! Here is a sampling of the ones that made me chuckle aloud...

From the "J.Crew's October Catalog Sneak Peek on Pinterest" post:
  • J.Crew Guy in Canada: "Fall and J.Crew go together like salt and pepper. ...I'm looking better if poorer."
  • Mamakoh: "...Is the jewel drenched sweatshirt in stores? It's not online yet and I NEED THIS. I've avoided most of the jeweled stuff cause I know they'll just entice my toddler to try to pull them off me but I'm willing to fight with her for this one!"
  • Clotted Creame: (Planning meeting)
    Head Stylist: Okay, moving on to the liberty floral print shirtdress. Any photo story ideas?
    Assistant #1: This would look great with butterflies swirling around it in the middle of the plaza.
    HS: Hmmm...beautiful idea, but not in the budget. We’re only ordering limited stock this year, remember, to create the illusion of scarcity.
    Assistant #2: Why don’t we utilize the local talent in Venice and incorporate Venetian pigeons? Venetian pigeons are way more chic than New York pigeons. They even understand Italian!
    HS: Good thinking, A#2! You are now promoted to Assistant to the Head Stylist. A#1, you are now Assistant to the Assistant.
    A#1: Ugh! Why didn’t I think of that?! If I had just rearranged a few letters of the alphabet and said “pigeons” instead of “butterflies”!!!
From the "Questionable Item of the Week: Paint Splattered Khakis" post:
  • Cate: "...I personally don't like wearing J.Crew head to toe, but sometimes I don't think their pieces mix well with clothes from other retailers and I find it hard to put a personal spin on their clothing. It seems to lend itself to wearing with other J.Crew things. Maybe Mickey is a genius!"
  • Cate: "...somehow salad dressing, spaghetti sauce and wine don't look quite as cool on my pants ;)"
  • GigiOfCA: "...All this talk about the pants/clutch/heels. Is no one wearing a shirt w/these pants?"
HA! Thank you ladies and gentleman for the much needed laugh! :)


  1. Alexis, I love these posts and totally needed the chuckle so thank you!

    1. Our fellow JCAs are too funny! Glad you enjoyed these comments like I did. :)

  2. I guess we are collectively on a roll. I'm honored to be included!! I have definitely been laughing out loud as I read. Thanks, Alexis. :)

    1. Thank *YOU* Gigi! Not only for your brilliant comment, but for all that you do. You are amazing!!! :)

    2. I almost always find something witty in any JCA topic. This is a funny bunch!

  3. Alexis, thanks for the inclusion. Here's hoping I'm still smiling when the MasterCard bill is opened.

    1. Jcrew guy in Canada has some of the best zingers like this gem that didn't get included: "Great promo, but my MasterCard will soon reach critical mass and explode. Love the items I'm getting but paying this month's bill will feel like passing a kidney stone."

      So funny, but (ugh!) so true!

  4. Jcrew guy in Canada- you are too funny!! Not only is the jca group funny, but you all are so helpful and generous. Thank u for sharing ur codes!

  5. Thank you all for a few good rounds of chuckles!


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