Thursday, August 11, 2011

Madewell Musings Blog Has Arrived!

A big "thanks!" to IRL who let us know that Madewell has a new blog (named Madewell Musings) and it is up and running (click HERE to check it out).

According to the about, the blog is:
If you’ve ever been to one of our 24 stores, cruised or checked us out on Facebook and Twitter, you probably know that we’re jeans makers. If not, we have something we want to tell you: we’re jeans makers—and have been since 1937—so we know a thing or two about what makes a great pair. We also have covet-worthy dresses, amazing leather boots, tees you’ll want in multiples and the most perfect chambray shirts you’ll ever wear. We like to think of ourselves as your best friend and personal stylist—all rolled into one.

And now, we have a blog. This blog. We call it Madewell Musings because it is an extension of our in-store newsletter (yep, also called Madewell Musings), where we not only highlight our favorite styles and trends of the month, but also like to let loose and have a little fun. Since we’re obsessed with music, you’ll always find a monthly playlist of our favorite tunes. Or you could find a little dictionary of common surfer-dude lingo. Basically, anything goes. So when we wanted to start a blog, we invited some of our favorite editors and cool-girls-about-town to join in the fun (in addition to our own behind-the-scenes posts, of course). We think these women are so Madewell, and have a hunch you are too.
My initial thoughts:
  • Overall, it's nice. The layout is similar to that of (their sister store) J.Crew's Blog.
  • Sad that you can't really give feedback since it is a tumblr blog. At least their Facebook page allows for that.
  • Love the "Meet the Bloggers" feature on the side bar.
  • Lastly, I hope they will consider adding the JCA blog's link to their "Link Love" section.
What are your thoughts on this latest move from Madewell? Do you think a Madewell blog will help Madewell understand its customers better? Will you check it out?


  1. I do really like that Team Madewell is international and that contributions are all across the US (although I wished it was all across the world as well). I like that diversity.

    However, I just want to say to J.Crew/Madewell..."come on, get with the program!!" Don't be so afraid of your fans and even your critics. Let there be a discussion. Let people come to love you for listening to their opinions or even just their vents.

    I find that in this age of social media, companies who do not embrace is are slowly falling behind.

  2. How can they say that they have been
    "jeans makers" since 1937? So they bought a workwear brand that has been around since 1937... are any of those people employed by Madewell? Do they use the same patterns, techniques, anything at all??

  3. lkd: it's like an acquisition, right? You create a product, I buy your company and your product becomes mine. ;)

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