Monday, November 22, 2021

Sought & Found: Did you visit J.Crew this {past} Weekend?

 This is the weekly "sale watch" post, to help each other find sale items at our various local J.Crew stores. ;)

If you are stopped by a J.Crew store this past weekend to see what's available (if anything!) in the SALE, or to see some NEW ARRIVALS {sigh!} in person, maybe you might be willing to share that with us in this post. In particular, if you could share with us a few of the noteworthy items that are available, at what prices, and potential sizes the store is carrying (as well as the store location)- that would be fantastic!

Also, please let us know if your local store was/ is carrying an additional percent off sale. Thanks in advance!!! :)


  1. I did visit and tried on two new arrival tops. Posted on the FB page which I will link below, and if you want to join I will accept new members as requested. Group is private/secret. Also, dressing room lighting is so bad, several of us have said the same thing. I look ghastly.

    Mockneck silk chiffon top in stripe
    Item BD813

    Sheer silk chiffon button-up top in starry sky print
    Item BD816


    2. I finally made it to a Jcrew store after a very long time. Needless to say I was very disappointed. Nothing jumped out at me, I found the cashmere colors quite boring and the merchandise quite quite dull. They had a return of the pink relaxed fit raincoat which I tried but the color washed me out. and the sales people inept except for one person who has been with company for years and years. Other 2 had no product knowledge whatsoever and he was an assistant manager. Ironically the one person I could relate to had on an older pink drapey blouse on that I fell in love with. It’s a few years old. I was able to locate one eBay. Don’t know how I missed this one🤣

    3. @suz, other than looking ghastly did you purchase the items? I can’t see you looking ghastly even in poor light🤣

    4. I didn’t purchase yet because I will have birthday rewards coming and I’m always stuck in dec wondering what to buy. I didn’t need either of the tops for thanksgiving so I don’t mind waiting.
      Mockneck silk chiffon was definitely more elegant. Small fit well, not oversized so I think both these tops are more true to size, not oversized like a lot of other pieces. Note that they are not slim fit (which works better for me personally).

      Still hoping to see the black sequin sweater—my store does have the striped one so I hope the black is available in store too.

    5. Thank you for the reviews. I like the star print shirt. But can wait for clearance.
      Just wanted to let you know that I agree with you on Nili Lotan pants. Did not like the fit, I got the 4 in cotton white flared pants. The waist was too loose and weird bunching near the zipper. My fav was Akris...the navy wool pants were excellent. No vanity sizing. A 6 worked well for me for high waisted and 4 for mid to low waist. Second fav was Re/Done. 27 worked for me for white wide legged jeans. My waist is 26-27, hips are 36/37 depending on time of month :)

    6. Kikigirl I really feel like the Nili Lotan pants need an instruction manual. They are supposed to be a drop crotch, hence the bunching, but I couldn’t figure out how to size them. I think I tried everything from a 0-4 and nothing worked.


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