Tuesday, March 16, 2021

J.Crew Reviews {straight from the JCAs!}


   This is the weekly "J.Crew Reviews {straight from the JCAs}" post, to help each other share our reviews.

So if you have recently purchased, or stopped by a J.Crew store to try on an item (or two) from J.Crew, maybe you might be willing to share that information with us in this post.

Also, this request is not just limited to clothes. Please feel free to discuss bags, shoes, jewelry, accessories, etc.

In particular, if you could mention a few of the noteworthy details like fit, size, fabric, and the like— that would be fantastic! Thanks in advance! :)


  1. I just don't understand the differences in price between the US and Canadian websites - even if you tack on an extra 25% or 30% for duties they make no sense.

    Example - Ribbed beanie with faux-fur pom-pom
    Item AE628

    The lavender one is $51.99 Cdn (less 30% promo code) vs $12.99 US (less 50% promo code). Why?

    For Canadian JCAs who missed it, I wrote a (very) long (positive) post yesterday on my experiences shipping to a US address via a cross-border shipping service called Shippsy.

    Embarrassed to say that I have placed another order via J Crew US today to my Shippsy address. The prices are just too good on the US website.

    1. Hi Toronto Modern, thank you again for all of the details on Shippsy. I agree the price diff are still crazy. I’m so tempted but looking at some newer items I’m worried that sizing won’t work and I’d need to return them.

      I had read that returns for Canada are now $23 which is better than the $30 but last night I saw that it’s $23 US so I really don’t see any improvement in this new system. My order came yesterday from Canada Post, I thought they were using UPS but it was Purolator then Canada Post. I’m also told you can’t do any phone orders now only online so I personally really prefer the old iParcel service.

  2. @TorontoModern The only reason I can think of for the differences in price between J.Crew’s US site and its international site is that apparently the customer is willing to pay?!? The mark up is unbelievable. In Europe (where I live) the retail market is less competitive, prices are much higher plus J.Crew is perceived as having a special vibe that European brands don’t have. But I don’t think that’s the case in Canada?
    Anyway, I always shop the US site and use a shipping company as well (MyUS in my case). Even with their fee, the shipping fee and tax it’s far cheaper than J.Crew’s international site.

  3. Slightly OT—has anyone tried Vuori pants? I love harem pants and saw them mentioned on Mom edit. I’ve read good things about their joggers. I recently tried a pair of Zella harem pants and Loved them but realized the material was totally see though and not because they were tight, they were loose but the knit was sheer, so they went back.

    I also recently tried Everlane leggings and the fit and feel was wonderful (like honestly super comfortable and they looked fabulous) but I also found them a little sheer in certain light. If I worked out only at home or wore boyshort type undies it wouldn’t be an issue but I have a thing about revealing certain parts of my anatomy at the gym...

    1. I haven't tried them, but have read that Girlfriend Collective leggings are superior to Everlane.

      I have multiple pairs of the Vuori ripstop pants (they used to be called "ripstop climber pant" but looks like they changed it). I size up one size to make them more comfortable. I have also heard a lot of good things about the Vuori joggers but have never tried them out, I still have 2 pr of Outdoor Voices joggers that are going strong.

    2. Thank you. I love the Alo ones I have (still have one unworn since I bought multiple Motos when they were on sale!) but I am looking for something new that’s not $100.
      I wear super old lululemon dance studio pants or crops usually for hiking but I was looking at those ripstop in black camo. Glad you like them.

  4. I like the Montauk totes. I got the Large in blue and the Medium in green. I'm still waiting for the cute green striped strap to arrive for the Medium (the Large doesn't have rings for a strap).

  5. I just received the cropped lady blazer in stretch tweed (AT686), and I really do like it. It is sort of a red-orange, and the floral lining is lovely. It looks to be good quality. I am 5'3", 100 lbs., 34B, and the size 0 fit me perfectly. I often have trouble with shoulders being tight in blazers and coats even though I do not have an athletic build, but that's just fine in this jacket. No problem. There is plenty of room in the sleeves. Speaking of sleeves, they are on the short side, although not 3/4 length. It does indicate this in the description. I wish they were full length, but I don't mind a bit of cuff popping out.

    1. Oh, that’s cute. I hadn’t noticed it previously.


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