Monday, October 10, 2016

Madewell Instagram Contest: #wellheeled

"Thanks!" to many of you who let us know that Madewell is running a new contest over at Instagram that is worth participating in!

Work your Madewell, then snap and use hashtag #wellheeled and #contest for a chance to win "$2,000 Madewell shopping spree plus everything you need for a perfect day of strolling: two pairs of Madewell boots (your choice), Grado headphones, one year of Spotify Premium, a Mizu water bottle and snacks from Baked.". This contest runs until November 14, 2016. The fine print (there's always fine print!) includes:
To participate you will need to use your Twitter account and/or your Instagram account  (each a “Social Account”) to participate.  Creating either Social Account  is  free  but  is  subject  to  the  applicable   terms   and   conditions   ( )   or   ( ).   Posting on Instagram requires a mobile device and therefore message and data rates may apply. If  entering via a mobile phone using your wireless carrier’s network, standard data charges from your wireless  carrier  may  apply.    Your  account  settings  on  the  Social  Account  you  use  to  enter  must  be  set  to  "unprotected" and/or "public" in order for your Tweets or posts to be viewable by Sponsor.   Tweet or post to Instagram one (1) original photo of your favorite  Madewell  shoes and where you’re walking  in  them,  along  with  the  hashtags  # wellheeled and  #contest  (herein  your  "Submission").   

You  will  automatically receive one (1) contest entry for your eligible Submission. By  posting  your Submission,  you  agree  that  it  conforms  to  the  guidelines,  permissions , and  content  restrictions below and that Sponsor, in its sole discretion, may remove your Submission from a gallery and  disqualify you if it believes that it fails to conform.  Permissions :  Entrant  must  have  permission  from  any  recognizable  individuals  who  appear  in  the  Submission to use their names and likenesses in the Submission and to grant the rights set forth herein.  Minors  may  only  be  included  in  the  Submission  if  entrant  is  their  parent  or  legal  guardian.  If  requested,  entrant must be able to provide such permissions or proof in a form acceptable to Sponsor.
To check out Madewell's Instagram account, click here. (To check out the J.Crew Aficionada Instagram account, click here.)

Good luck to all those participating! I really hope a JCA wins it. {Fingers crossed!!}

Are you planning to participate in the Madewell Contest? Have an Instagram account? If so, please share your link in the comments section!






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