Thursday, August 13, 2015

JCA "Help Style Me!" Weekly Post

This is the weekly "Help Style Me!" post, where we can share items we are having trouble putting outfits together with. Elaine (in this post) says it best, "You know, that thing you bought because you love it and you keep pulling it out and then putting it away without wearing it?"

Please share your J.Crew item (either that you own or are thinking about getting) that you would love help creating an outfit with.

Also, please help out by offering your styling advice. Feel free to include links to your blog (where you incorporated that piece) or to Polyvore (where you showcased an outfit with that piece). Thanks in advance! :)


  1. OT: rewards card.

    soooo... it says the card was mailed on july 2 and should arrive in 4-6 weeks. well, here we are and still no rewards card. so i contacted CS and they said fall rewards haven't been mailed since summer ones were extended. so which ones are the ones that were mailed on july 2? are those summer (and i'm cracking up and spent it without realizing it) or are those the fall ones? i wish they wouldn't have such a confusing rewards card program. i can never keep track of what i should be getting.

  2. I happen to speak with CS re: rewards this week. I wanted to use it for a purchase. The CS transferred me to the Comenity Bank where the rep told me "the rewards won't be available until next week". I ask will they send out the emails with the cards code, she said yes, and that the cards will be actually mailed out next week. I don't hold my breath, she wasn't confident with her answers.
    So my understating is that if you call them on Monday, you might be able to get your rewards code.

    It is mind boggling that in this day and age, a customer can not opt out for receiving the card in the mail, and choose electronic delivery only (just like the billing), with the rewards code being readily available on your online account!


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