Sunday, April 5, 2015

New at J.Crew: Free Shipping On All Orders (today only). Plus, 30% off your purchase ends today.

"Thanks!" to many of you, who let us know about the following promotion this evening.

J.Crew is offering customers to free shipping on all orders, in addition to taking an extra 30% off purchases of $200+ or 25% off purchases of $100+ with promo code SPRINGSTYLE. The offer expires today!

I stopped by my local B&M and they were still offering an additional 40% off sale. Something worth noting in addition to this offer.

Will you be taking advantage of this promotion? What item are you hoping to pick up? Please share!


  1. even this does nothing for me. is there any new roll outs coming up or may style guide? I am so bored with the crewlade lately.

  2. I did use this promo to buy the long-sleeve cashmere sparkle tee in the navy (midnight petrol). I have the cardigan and wear it all the time, usually over a perfect-fit tee. It is very sparkly but strangely not scratchy at all, it has washed up beautiful too.
    I also ordered the Full Spectrum Crystal necklace in "vivid ink", looks like it would pair well with all of the navy I've been wearing this spring (well it's still winter here of course). I've been eyeing up that necklace since it came out, I'll review these items on my blog when they arrive.
    The free shipping pulled me in today I have to say!

    1. I have the cashmere sparkle tee and cardigan in blush gold and agree, it is very comfortable and not prone to pilling. I reverted to bad old habits and even bought back ups for both...

      I ordered the iced quartz necklace and bracelet. I saw the necklace on a SA once a couple of months ago and it was lovely, but I didn't try it. With the current promo ending, and not FS, I figured I would try it...

  3. More Factory reviews - the Ikat Isabelle pumps on 1060 Pairs.

    And in this post, the sheath dress, classic buttondown & tissue tunic all in the photo floral print.

  4. I got 2 more dresses up. The nautical stripe dress & the ikat diamond print basketweave dress in this post.

  5. Pronm has changed to shopnow for items already on sale. I just checked out online with the now expired "springstyle" for an item that is full price and it still worked though.

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