Tuesday, November 27, 2012

J.Crew of Seasons Past: {a look in the closet}

It's that time again, to take a look at an image of J.Crew pieces from seasons past! As caribbelle (in this post) so beautifully termed, "ye olde j crew of yore".

This post features the Wool Herringbone Jacket in Pink. I want to say this jacket is from 2005. In any case, the ladylike silhouette makes it a classic in anyone's wardrobe.

What are your thoughts on the look(s)/item(s) from the past? Do you find the look(s)/item(s) classic or do you think they are dated?


  1. Thanks for the pic, Alexis. I have that jacket and now I can make some polyvore sets. ;)

    I just went to check and it's from Fall 2005, the delightful days of leather buttons and tie silk under the collar and beautiful workmanship. Sigh.

    I think it's a classic. I can't wait until it's cool enough to wear.

  2. I have this jacket in black and it is such a classic, I reach for it again and again and looks as new as when I got it. I see it pop up a lot on ebay, one of these days I will snag another color :)

  3. I've worn this jacket twice in the past week! Absolutely love it. It came in tall, which I need, and the tall is like it was made for me! Almost snagged the black on eBay recently. Always looking out for this jacket... it is timeless!

  4. I love this jacket so much! I have pink, black, grey, and camel. So classic and such good quality. I can't believe it is from 2005. I would love to find the green one to add to my collection!

  5. This is the first time that this has ever happened to me, but I'm wearing this jacket today! I just won it on eBay right before Thanksgiving and I couldn't wait to wear it. I just had to wait until it was cold enough outside!

  6. There is a green one in size 4 on ebay now for $39.99 starting bid.

    1. I saw that! Totally have my eye on it! I have lost out on 2 green ones in the past couple months, so maybe third time is a charm?

  7. I just snagged this very jacket in black at Savers for $10!! Obsessed with the silk under the collar and leather buttons. Love love love that its Scottish wool as well, a total classic!

  8. Ahhh, Holiday 2005. These Robert Noble blazers are so well made and timeless. I bought the fuchsia pink one, NWT about 5 years ago on ebay and fell madly in love. I now also have the camel, gray, black and dark green. I think that there is a light green and a light pink? that I have yet to find in my size. I have amassed quite the collection of blazers, mostly J. Crew and these are some of my favorites.

  9. I'm selling mine if anyone is interested. It is a size 2 in EUC. It is the tweed version and you see blend of pinky-red-cream. It's a little more sporty than this refined version but the style is the same; leather buttons, silk tie under the collar, fun lining! Let me know if you are interested! jcrewjunkie@sbcglobal.net


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