Wednesday, February 12, 2014

J.Crew Online Cancellation Window: 60 Minutes or Less {not really}

"Thanks!" to Wendy (in this post), who shared the following :
Maybe someone else realized/posted this, and I missed it, but heads-up--if your item(s) is coming from a retail store, there is no longer a 60 minute window in which you can click to cancel your online order after it is placed. The phone representatives can't cancel it, either. Just a PSA for folks who have used that in the past when unsure about an order.
There is no way for customers to know beforehand if an item ordered online is being shipped from the warehouse or a brick & mortar store. (I only know when I get the shipping confirmation email and see that packages are being shipped from different places.)

I find it interesting that J.Crew's phone and online representatives are unable to cancel it either. Maybe customers can call during the cancellation window period and have the associates leave a note on the order if the item is "final sale"??? I am not sure, but maybe?

Also, I am not sure how well this new fulfillment system is working. I placed an order for an item the other day that was clearly coming from a store, and what do I get in my email inbox... a "sorry we don't have enough" email. I thought having the store as back up meant less of these types of emails.

In any case, it is something to consider when placing an order online with an item you are unsure about.

What are your thoughts on this? Did you find out this scenario when you tried canceling an item?


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  2. Got the Private Ludlow Event Sale email with one time use 30% off code. It only works with certain leftover suit jackets and pants from winter. None of which I am interested in.

  3. Two things: 1) I have called CS a few times to ask if an item is coming from the warehouse or a retail store. They have been able to answer my question on this every time. I usually ask in regard to FS items that may be on the verge of selling out. 2) Wendy is right in that if items are coming from multiple locations, you don't get the 60-minute window to cancel (or think about cancelling) the whole order, but it seems like you can "remove" selected items? I did call CS once to cancel an order that was coming from multiple locations and she was able to do this, but I also called about 60 seconds after I placed it. And a third thing: It seems like most online retailers have a really short window of time to cancel anything (e.g., Gap, Zappos) these days anyway, so I just really try and make sure I want it! Or at least make sure it's returnable in case I still don't want it once it arrives :-(

  4. That's too bad to get a canx when they're also pulling from store inventory.

    The possibility that items are being shipped from a store are noted on the order confirmation. The email recvd right after you place the order. I've noticed a breakout of line items of amounts charged to my card, instead of one total order to the card.


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