Tuesday, December 25, 2018

J.Crew Reviews {straight from the JCAs!}

This is the weekly "J.Crew Reviews {straight from the JCAs}" post, to help each other share our reviews.

So if you have recently purchased, or stopped by a J.Crew store to try on an item (or two) from J.Crew, maybe you might be willing to share that information with us in this post.

Also, this request is not just limited to clothes. Please feel free to discuss bags, shoes, jewelry, accessories, etc.

In particular, if you could mention a few of the noteworthy details like fit, size, fabric, and the like— that would be fantastic! Thanks in advance! :)


  1. WOW, Blogger was rejecting me for so long it felt like another jr. high crush gone hostile.

    Reviews - in general terms -

    the famous Barbour pricing triumph - mine shipped, fits, no apparent manufacturing shortcuts. Sense of triumph a little dimmed when Google showed me the same Barbour marked down even more at stores all over the retail world.

    velvet things: generally satisfied with the tank tops, even the wholly inauthentic tartan one. In fact I compulsively collected every color, including 2 in dark green.

    shoes: too many sizing issues to deal with, there’s enough stress this time of year. sticking to hunting for Chies and Clergeries.

    Plaid tights! I missed my size. Continuing to stalk.

    Silk shirts. The silk continues to get thinner. Sadly, I do not. On the other hand, my featherweight cashmeres from 2008 are holding up well.

    Quality of website: frankly, I suspect sabotage, and I fear the saboteurs have not been found. I also think that more time-bombs have been implanted, with a long, slow fuse.

    the future: the Spirit showed Scrooge two wrecked and trembling children, “One is Ignorance, the other is Want.” Then the Spirit showed Scrooge that he (Scrooge) could change the future ...

    May all of us find Peace, Joy, and Hope this Christmas.

    1. Great reviews and always love the sense of humor. I wanted those tights too. Fingers crossed for a popback. +1 on peace, joy and hope for Christmas.

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  3. @TeriLynn13 shared a cool idea about posting your Top 10 J Crew purchases over the last decade. I didn’t realize the blog was 10 years old. How awesome! I haven’t been a J Crew consumer that long, but here’s my list from the last 4 years or so.

    75% off sale in Summer 2016 (Not sure is this should count, but it was definitely a fav!)

    Double faced cashmere (popover, Parke blazer and V neck shirt)
    Leather leggings
    Collection sleeveless leather shell from my one and only visit to the Clearance Store
    Anything Drake, Liberty & Thomas Mason
    New Balance 520 and 620
    Garland crystal necklace
    Birdie earrings
    Collection zip front leather top
    Pink glitter D’orsay flats
    Summer staples (linen tank tops and SZ Blockprints)

    1. I'm glad you all liked the idea. My favs in no particular order-

      Pixie Pants
      Cambridge Cable Turtlenecks
      Striped tissue turtleneck (from 2011)
      Francie skirts
      Seersucker Striped Shift Dress
      Teddie Sweaters
      Bikini in Vintage Plaid
      Maggie Jacket in Double Serge Wool
      Geo Lace Shift Dress
      All of my seersucker bikini tops & bottoms

      Fingers crossed for 10 more years!

  4. These are a mix of most-used in my closet, rather than biggest steals. Off the top of my head:
    Cece flats (navy and burnt sienna and gray cap toed in silver ones especially)
    Dulci heels in mink
    Natasha blouse in garden shade floral
    Schoolboy blazers in khaki and green wool
    Liberty button down in D’Anjo floral (1st of many)
    No. 2 pencil skirt in pumpkin paisley
    8 inch toothpicks- a whole slew of them. Death to high rise!
    Talitha blouse in peacock paisley
    Old-school earmuffs in wool with the short faux fur on the inside (Like those better than the curly shearling or big poofy all long faux fur ones they have now)
    Wool Melton bib coats from a couple seasons ago.

    Geez I miss color and print and Italian leather shoes.

  5. Merry Christmas, all! Top 10 over the last 10 years - mostly the items I've worn the most:

    No. 2 pencil skirt in royal paisley
    Schoolboy blazer in navy
    Silk/wool dress in golden roses
    4 inch chino shorts
    Blythe silk blouse (the old one!)
    Perfect tees
    Midi skirt with cherry print
    Ruffle collar silk top
    Popover in red with anchors
    Dulci kitten heels

  6. Fun idea! Tough to choose, but a few things stand out.

    Dulci kitten heels (I get oodles of compliments on my pink pair)
    Wool cashmere icon trench in burgundy
    Nike blazer high tops
    Lookout high rise denim
    Drake’s collab anything
    Cashmere turtlenecks from last year that are SUPER thick in neutral colors
    Sequin Sophie heels
    Flannel maxi skirts (gray flannel and tartan)
    Cognac leather cuff bracelet
    The original stadium cloth boulevard trench (without the weird pocket flaps)

  7. Black/Grey Hacking Jacket
    Green Military Jacket
    Collection Velvet Blazer
    Parke Topcoat in Double Serge Wool
    Black Printed Silk Tunic/Dress
    Mens Ludlow Wool/Cashmere Topcoat (2017)
    Ashbury Flares
    Olive Green Foundry Pants
    Metallic Gold Academy Loafers

  8. 1) Coats - Wool ones - turquoise/aqua gingham Collection from last season, tartan plaid in navy/green/black, hot pink collarless one (just a few of my favorites) - and this is the first year I have not bought a JC coat.
    2) Liberty - cotton blouses and bathing suits
    3) Mason shirts - my gingham plaid one is best in pumpkin
    4) Cashmere turtlenecks (pre 2016) and cashmere long-sleeved t-shirts.
    5) Metallic Gold Academy Loafers (I wore them out)
    6) Very old black wool nubby collection blazer with ribbon trim (looks like Chanel) - I will never part with this.
    7) Old white jeans - in toothpick
    8) Perfect tees
    9) Wool Campbell Blazer and Wool Regent Blazers
    10) Drake blouses and scarves.

  9. Mine are a mix of unicorns, eternal favorites and super duper steals.
    1. Parke topcoat (super steal)
    2. jersey ballet tees from 1998 (some minor armpit discoloration but the fabric and look are otherwise pristine still!). Wish I hadn't sold the matching jersey pants.
    3. leopard calf hair Janeys with the gold heel (still NIB because I bought two pairs and this is my remaining one and I am scared to ruin them)
    4. Gemmas in birds of paradise Drake print (total unicorn after I missed out on the silk pants)
    5. Piamata x JC silk monkey pants (monkey pants! 'nuff said)
    6. Collection TMason x JC perfect shirt with bows (unicorn and a super deal!)
    7. Tippi with embroidered stars (absolute workhorse and my favorite Tippi of all time)
    8. lemon print Jackie + shell (every time I wear them, people stop me and tell me it's the happiest thing they've seen all day)
    9. ruffle-front top in Liberty Edenham floral (somehow matches every single thing in my closet)
    10. mockneck top in floral lace (unicorn and a super deal, and one of the prettiest blouses I own)

    1. Nothing better than monkey pants!

    2. @pbanos - seriously! although tiger pants are a close second.

  10. I also have the very old wool nubby ribbon trimmed blazer. I will never ever let this go. This piece in particular brings home the decline in quality, construction (fit/tailoring) and design.


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