Wednesday, April 21, 2010

J.Crew Jenna Lyons on Oprah Today! {record & watch}

"Thanks!' to so many of you, including Jessica & Christine, who reminded us the following news. As mentioned in the April 16th post "J.Crew's Jenna Lyons on Oprah {yes, that Oprah!}", Jenna Lyons is appearing on today's episode of Oprah.

According to Oprah's website (click here):
Dream Jobs

From J.Crew's fashionista to a florist extroadinaire, check out these glamourous, high-flying, action-packed dream jobs!

Tune in on 04/21 to watch this show
I will so be watching this show today. I also plan on Tivo-ing it so I can slow-motion all the amazing shots of new arrivals. ;)

Will you be watching the episode today? After it airs, please share your thoughts on the J.Crew segment. :)

Mini-Update: I just finished watching Jenna Lyons. Some notes:
  • Jenna's closet (aka: former bedroom) looks amazing.
  • Jenna's selected outfit (striped shirt & sequin pants) in the pre-taped segment was ...anyways. ;)
  • She gets driven to work- amazingly awesome!
  • Oprah found her shoes from J.Crew to be comfortable... c'mon Oprah. They are pretty, but not comfortable. ;)
  • Oprah is wearing J.Crew- loves it!
  • Loved seeing the items laid out on the floor (which represent pages in a future catalog).
  • Ugh... Jenna mentions that "tomboy/ borrowed from the boys" tag line again. Over it. ;)
  • Overall, Jenna came off as sweet. :)


  1. Looking forward to this... thanks for the head's up, Alexis!

    OT: while searching for something else, I came across this article on Jenna Lyon's home & color pairings. I have to say, I do love her sense of color, like the picture of her with purple pumps next to the yellow sofa. No wonder I keep coming back to the Crew. Nobody does saturated colors like they do. And that colorful sofa pillow with the (Moroccan?) diamond weave? I would kill to have that fabric in those colors turned into a J Crew item!

  2. I forgot to set my tape before I left for work :(

  3. I don't really like Oprah but I'll watch. Thanks for the heads up!

  4. WOW-great article, Cheryl. Thanks for sharing. I have seen her place but never in this light and never this detailed. Plus..Jenna looks amazing in that last shot (LOVE the white room!)

  5. Thanks for the link Cheryl.
    Enjoyed the article.

  6. I am watching right now!!!

    Some notes:
    -Jenna's closet looks amazing.
    -Jenna's selected outfit (striped shirt & sequin pants) in the pre-taped segment was ...anyways. ;)
    -She gets driven to work- amazing!
    -Oprah found her shoes from J.Crew to be comfortable... c'mon Oprah. They are pretty, but not comfortable. ;)
    -Oprah is wearing J.Crew- loves it!
    -Loved seeing the items laid out on the floor (which represent pages in a future catalog).
    -Ugh... Jenna mentions that "tomboy/ borrowed from the boys" tag line again. Over it. ;)
    -Overall, Jenna came off as sweet. :)

  7. Oprah was wearing the Beaded Bazaar Shell and an Every Day cardi over it in a Rose color that must be in-store only or OO (Oprah Only!) I couldn't tell what pants she was wearing but she was wearing a mix of several cystal bracelets -- looked like the Glamour and Coletto bracelets. Her shoes were suede platform sling-backs that look like a version of the Alecia. I think those are "coming soon" to a Catalog or B&M near you. Oprah was certainly GUSHING over Jenna and Crew. More stock, please!

  8. i loved seeing more details of jenna's closet and glimpses of future catalog shots. :)

  9. I thought her pre-taped outfit was tragic really...I mean, c'mon you're on Oprah and that's the best you can do!

    I'm really kind of sick of the "Borrowed from the boys" and mismatched clothes gimmicks...not everybody can pull those off without looking sloppy.

    You're right though Alexis, she is sweet. I found it hard not to like her.

  10. For those of you who missed the segment today and could not/did not DVR it (like me!), here is a clip from

  11. Just a comment about people criticizing Jenna for repeating themes like "borrowed from the boys" . . . Unlike the people who follow this blog, the average American is going to catch Jenna/the JCrew message in only a single platform—they won't read every article and see every TV segment. So, it makes sense for her to stay "on message" for these appearances. People who follow every single appearance, like JCAs, are in the minority and the only people who will get annoyed by the repetition.

  12. Thanks for the heads up, I enjoyed the segment and never watch Oprah so would have totally missed it.

    I literally LOL`d at the sequin pants. I thought the outfit looked like something the retirement set in Boca would wear and Jenna can do soooo much better.

  13. Although I would never in a million years wear the sequin pants, I love that she can. Somehow we are amazed and appalled by her personal fashion choices, and always curious for what she will wear next. She can obviously get away with these looks and on some days, I wish I would push the envelope just a little more. So I say, hooray for her utterly tragic and lovely choices...she is a true creative spirit. I loved the segment and felt her passion jump off the screen. So refreshing to see people who have a real spirit for what they do and wow, how it paid off for Jenna!


  14. Well, I LOVED this! I have watched it three times, including once watching, pausing, and analyzing. Fun to see three looks from summer 2011 when we are seeing summer 2010 online & in stores. Oprah looked great, Jenna looked great (except for those horrid sequin pants), and it was all awesome!

  15. I absolutely LOVED her sequined pants! I have been looking all day to try and find out who makes them and even posted a shot of them on my blog to try and find out! I think the interesting mix of nautical stripes and glam sequins creates a unique and cohesive look. I think that the outfit perfectly represented her style and she looked like a model in an editorial. If anyone out there likes them (and can find out where to get them) let me know!


  16. I really enjoyed watching the segment. I loved that Oprah was head to toe J crew and since I am obsessed with the Bazaar print I really liked seeing her in the Beaded bazaar shell! I am puzzled as to why Jenna would wear the same top twice? Seemed really odd to me? and she mentioned Jewelry, but yet I didn't see her wearing much? Overall it was very fun and after my 13 hour day and my stressful job, it seemed pretty amazing to be Jenna!

  17. I carefully watched all of Jenna's clothes that she had on while on stage with Oprah. I noticed she was wearing the magpie medallion vest underneath her jacket. I just bought the vest and now I am really happy seeing that it was on her.

  18. I loved the sequin pants. I got the feeling it's an easy, pull-on look for her. I would love to pull on sequin pants a and a striped shirt and look that good.


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